‘Twisted Sisters’ bringing fitness to Houma

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October 9, 2013
Fern Woodward
October 11, 2013
4 tips for buying insurance without subsidy help
October 9, 2013
Fern Woodward
October 11, 2013

Houma’s Twisted Sisters are on a mission. Their task is simple – bring a much-needed avenue for health and fitness to the people of the Tri-parish area.

Twisted Fitness is now open and operating off its location at 112 Equity Blvd. in Houma.

Owned and operated by Ashley Fontenot, Amber Berry and Gena Ragas (otherwise known together as the Twisted Sisters), the gym had its ribbon cutting ceremony this past weekend to commemorate its birth to the area.

The studio will offer family yoga, kid’s yoga and more in both group and individual sessions. The offerings are also available to both men and women of all ages and experience levels.

“This is such a great thing for all people,” Fontenot said. “We are here for any people of any age. Yoga is something that truly is an amazing exercise for any person of all walks of life.”

The idea for Twisted Fitness sprouted from the Twisted Sisters’ desire to bring more opportunities for yoga and spin classes into the area.

Fontenot said that she and the rest of the trio were instructors for a program called Body Flow, which encompasses Tai Chi, Pilates and yoga.

But without a full-fledged studio to call their own, Fontenot said that opportunities to teach and conduct sessions locally were scarce.

“There’s just not much opportunity to teach it, nor is there much opportunity local to expand and do other classes,” Fontenot said. “So we found ourselves driving to New Orleans to do yoga classes. So we did a weekend workshop together and we just decided, ‘Why are we waiting on someone else to do this? Why don’t we just do it ourselves?’ So that’s exactly what we did.

“We knew the need and demand for this was here, so we’re happy to be here to help as many people as we can.”

Fontenot said Twisted Fitness prides itself on being a studio that is both affordable and wide in its depth of service offerings.

The instructor said the Houma studio has a wide range of Body Flow classes throughout the day and week.

The facility also offers family yoga, Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Pilates, and many other offerings – each geared with a specific purpose and objective.

Inside the facility is also an indoor cycling station, which allows instructors to host various bicycle-based workout regimens and courses.

A full-list of offerings and pricing schedules are available on the studio’s website, www.yogawithaspin.com.

“We’re not like the traditional gym that you picture when you think of a stereotypical workout gym,” Fontenot said. “We don’t have big weight machines or cardio equipment like treadmills or anything like that. Everything that we do is led by an instructor. It’s special because it’s all tailored specifically to an individual’s specific needs. Even our group classes are specifically tailored to the needs of the specific individuals within each class. We want to make sure that we’re helping people. That’s our main focus.”

So if you’re a rookie to the yoga scene, why should you make the leap and get started? And more importantly, why should you choose Twisted Fitness as your exercise home?

Fontenot said those who partake in yoga for the first time would see an immediate difference in how they feel – both immediately after the workout and throughout the day.

The gym co-owner said she believes that there is nothing more fulfilling in life than going through a lively workout, which empowers the body to take on the remaining challenges that we face throughout the day.

“Anyone can do this. It’s not high-impact,” Fontenot said. “Your heart is not going to pop out of your chest at any time in the timeframe. There are no weights, so it’s not competitive or anything like that. It’s just you and your mat. By doing yoga classes, you’re strengthening yourself from the inside out, which helps you feel more stable and strong.

“People immediately start to feel the difference once they do a class or two. You just walk out of the studio feeling a little bit different – a little bit more relaxed and calm. I think it gives people the confidence that they can take on the rest of their day or their week. It’s just a great thing. It’s a unique experience.”

To contact Twisted Fitness or to book yourself into a class, one may call (985) 346-8383.

Family and friends of Twisted Fitness’ ownership gather as the stores cuts its ribbon this past weekend at its location on Equity Boulevard in Houma. Store co-owner Ashley Fontenot said this week that the new business will aim to keep people in the Tri-parish area more fit.