Don’t fall for this telephone scam!

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Tim Soignet is warning residents of Terrebonne Parish of a telephone scam. These calls give the false information that they are affiliated with the Internal Revenue Service “IRS”. The caller or recording will indicate that they have detected fraudulent activity with your Social Security Number.


These calls will attempt to do one of two things. They will either attempt to gather some of your personal information which they can use for Identity Theft purposes or they will attempt to convince you to purchase gift cards and follow additional instructions.


“This is a scam, and these people are attempting to steal from you,” Sheriff Soignet said.


The number that shows up on your caller I.D. when receiving these calls is what is referred to as a “Spoof number”. The offenders doing this can make whatever number they want show up on your caller I.D. Most of these scams originate from overseas countries.


Sheriff Soignet would like to make sure the public knows that neither the I.R.S. nor T.P.S.O. will contact anyone by phone in a manner like this. No law enforcement agencies or government agencies will ask you to purchase gift cards to settle a debt owed to them.