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November 1, 2012
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November 1, 2012

A clean wood finish borders most interior elements of Boudreau & Thibodeau’s Cajun Cookin, a moderately priced haven for local cuisine and should-be lunchtime destination for those with a hankering for seafood.

The attention-grabbing, made-to-look-handmade signage stretching across half the building may teeter on obscene next to a mural of typical-fall guys Boudreau and Thibodeau in a swamp. It is, however, in scale with the restaurant’s size and the delight my guest and I shared while eating.

Although non-seafood options exist, my guest and I opt for aquatic meals on this day. We both order from the Lunchtime Servings menu, dishes that come with a side of green or potato salad.

I order, at the menu alligator’s recommendation, Boudreau & Thibodeau’s Seafood Special. I’ll let the menu explain.

“Dis combo of shrimp an’ crabmeat rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs an’ fried golden-brown is topped wit’ a crawfish cream sauce served wit’ choice of side item.”

The lightly fried patty comes consistently and almost-incredibly tender. My knife slices right through it, and it remains in one piece – no collateral damage per cut. The sauce dominates the meal, often concealing the patty’s flavor, a fact that is simultaneously unfortunate and agreeable. As my guest explains below, the spicy and cheesy crawfish sauce is far from a nuisance.

The smooth potato salad scores highly, and the boiled potatoes I ordered as a side contain a subtle, sneaky spice. I will definitely return for boiled seafood.

My guest orders the Crawfish Half ‘N Half from the lunch menu. The meal entails half fried crawfish and half crawfish pasta or étouffée. Everything about the dish was a delight.

He calls the pasta a “home-run selection,” reporting it was loaded with a creamy cheese-based crawfish sauce that was enjoyable. The fried crawfish on the side were cooked crisp.

“An underrated facet of the meal was the buttery breadstick, which was a perfect change of pace and was delicious when dipped in the pasta’s cheese sauce,” the guest says.

Don’t be fooled: The shoddy-from-afar exterior is a characterized façade that masks Boudreau and Thibodeau’s interior beauty.

Boudreau and Thibodeau’s Cajun Cookin’, located on West Main Street in Houma, bacons with tasty lunch specials.

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