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Fun For the Family | January 2020
January 1, 2020
All-Star of the Month | Brai-Lynn Boudreaux
January 1, 2020

Hi friends! I’m sure you have all seen a $1 bill, but have you ever wondered what all the symbols on the bill mean? 

The back side of the $1 bill features both sides of the Great Seal of the United States. One side has a pyramid representing strength and duration of our nation. If you look closely, you’ll see letters on the bottom of the pyramid. This is the Roman numeral for 1776, the year the U.S. declared its independence. The eye floating above is known as the Eye of Providence. 

The seal’s other side features an eagle holding an olive branch in one claw, symbolizing peace, and 13 arrows in the other, symbolizing war and the 13 original states. The ribbon contains the Latin phrase “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” meaning “out of many, one.” This refers to the many states becoming one nation.

The front of the $1 bill has lots of numbers and letters that may seem random, but they all tell you something about the bill. 


You can use a $1 bill to make art! Follow the steps below to make an origami heart.