Get Ready to Cache De Crawfish With Explore Houma’s New Geotour Launch Event

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Explore Houma is pleased to announce the return of the long-awaited Geocaching Tour with a launch party on Saturday, October 21, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., at the Explore Houma Visitors Center in Gray.

With over 40 geocache locations to find, Explore Houma offers one of only 50 GeoTours worldwide and the only official GeoTour in Louisiana. Geocaching is a free outdoor treasure hunt where you can discover the rich history, breathtaking landscape, and diverse culture as you locate each hidden cache. Sometimes, caches are more complex and require solving a puzzle or multiple steps; most are relatively easy to find with a bit of legwork and a curious spirit.

The person who finds the cache takes the item the previous person left and replaces it with their own item for the next person to find, creating an ongoing chain of people exploring new outdoor places, finding these mysterious geocaches, trading small items and tokens, connecting with nature and a community of like-minded travellers, and setting out to explore yet again.

With most of the original caches destroyed by Hurricane Ida in 2021, Explore Houma is thrilled to introduce all new caches that are unique and themed to our Cajun culture. Join us for the launch party to kick off your hunt and learn more information about the geotour!

How it works:

Register  Visit to register a username.

Download  Download a geocaching app and find the Explore Houma GeoTour with code GT4DE.

Travel Explore the Houma area to locate the hidden caches.

Record Record your find on

Earn  After locating all 40 caches, take your game sheet to the Explore Houma Visitors Center to receive your geocoin.