Learning Never Stops: Local Teacher Personally Delivers Novels to Students

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March 17, 2020
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March 17, 2020

When Governor John Bel Edwards announced all Louisiana k-12 public schools will be closed March 16-April 13 last Friday, concerns were raised by many parents across the state on how their children would continue learning during the postponement. 


While school districts are finding and implementing different online resources to continue education, local teacher Kari Boudreaux decided to take matters into her own hands by personally delivering a novel and learning packet to each of her 17 fifth-graders at their homes on Monday. 


“I brought them to the kids because I wanted to have that face-to-face with the kids to say, ‘Hey, here’s your work. We’re going to be alright,’” she said. “I wanted them to feel comfortable…It was more personable for me to go bring it to my kids and have that face time with them and their parents.” 


Boudreaux, who teaches C.M. Washington Elementary students on Nicholls State University’s campus through the magnet program, dropped off copies of the novel “Number the Stars”, a work of historical fiction by Lois Lowry. 


Accompanied with the book was a lesson plan with comprehension, vocabulary and creative activities for each chapter. 

Her students were happy to see her and receive their work, Boudreaux said, and the parents were appreciative.  


“In college you hear: ‘You have the heart of a teacher.’ I guess I just truly have the heart of a teacher,” she continued. “I knew I had to get this to my kids. They always come first for me.”


A field trip to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans was also scheduled at the end of the lesson but most likely won’t happen now due to the outbreak, Boudreaux said. 


The 22-year educator said she is also going to try and put something together for her fourth grade class, depending on how the situation progresses with the COVID-19. 


“I think it’s important for them to keep reading because that keeps their minds going and it keeps them abreast of their levels and where they are at in reading,” Boudreaux said. “…Strong readers can do almost all things.”