Local artist Nadjah Bergeron announces new “Oyster Series”

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Houma-based artist Nadjah Darwish Bergeron, known for her beautiful and expressive floral paintings, has recently released a new series of abstract oyster paintings in honor of Louisiana culture’s love of seafood.

Bergeron, originally from Panama, moved to Houma in 2003 and has been here ever since. “I am an Industrial Engineer, but always had a feeling that I wanted to paint,” explained Bergeron. “So in 2011, I began painting to help cope with postpartum depression after I gave birth to my second child. Art helped me get out of it.” Bergeron began painting simple vertical lines, and then evolved into her “La Flor” Series, where she completed over 100 floral paintings.  “I wanted to change it up a little bit,” said Bergeron. “I really started to evolve as an artist.” Bergeron then went on to complete her marine-inspired “We Will Sea” Series, and has now stretched out into abstract paintings of her “Oyster” Series.

“I started the Oyster Series last year and it has been really fun,” said Bergeron. “They are really abstract and beautiful. I have neutral ones and ones that are very colorful. I love to paint oysters because they are such a big part of the culture here. Combining my love for food and art I found something satisfying and wonderful.”

As for now, Bergeron plans to continue working on her Oyster Series, but is sure her style will change again in the future. “I paint what I am inspired by,” said Bergeron. “I really don’t have a ‘set’ thing I know I will paint. But for now, the oysters are really calling me.” Bergeron says that no matter what her focus is at any given time, she will always continue to add onto her La Flor Series, as flowers hold such a significant place in her heart.

Bergeron’s art is available for purchase on her website, Art By Nadjah, or her Instagram. For more information about this local artist’s beautiful work, please reach out via phone (985)860-3993, or email nadjah@artbynadjah.com