Local School Resource Officer starts monthly Junior Deputies Program, recognizing exceptional students

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October 19, 2023
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October 19, 2023

Local School Resource Officer LeeAnn Bergeron has implemented a new program, “Junior Deputies,” at Lisa Park Elementary to celebrate and recognize students at her school upholding exceptional values and behaviors.

“LeeAnn Bergeron is a School Resource Officer at Lisa Park Elementary, and developed this idea for the Junior Deputies program to recognize one student from each grade level every month for outstanding behavior,” explained First Lieutenant Blake Tabor. “She took the initiative to go to the school administration and propose the program,  which they loved, and got the clearance to put it into effect.”

Junior Deputies at Lisa Park Elementary in Houma are chosen based on teacher recommendations for students who show positive characteristics around the classroom, such as honesty, courage, helpfulness, and respect. “Some of these traits are becoming harder to see in this day and age,” said First Lieutenant Tabor. “We want to continue to encourage and recognize these exceptional students.”

September’s inaugural Junior Deputies got to enjoy a special lunch this past week at Lisa Park Elementary as a celebration for their accomplishments. Congratulations to Lisa Park Elementary’s first-ever Junior Deputies!