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February 26, 2019
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February 27, 2019

Friday, March 1 



6:30 p.m.

Location: Houma

Theme:  Girls Having Fun 

Floats: 17 Throwing, 3 Non-Throwing

Queen Aphrodite XXXVI: Dawn Plaisance 

Maids: Alison Gisclair, Danette Bergeron, Deidre Kimble, Katherine Cowley, Lozia Richard, Mary Champagne

Pages: Ace Martin, Cadence Fonseca, Elton Lecompte, Josie Robichaux

Parade Captain: Sharon Pontiff

Ball Captain: Parrish Valure



7 p.m., Golden Meadow 


Saturday, March 2 


Krewe of Mardi Gras

6:30 p.m.

Location: East Houma

Theme: Celebrate Mardi Gras 

Floats: 20

King: Kevin Ghere

Queen: Carla Ghere

Pages: Shelby Ghere, Dylan Ghere, Mackenzie Ghere, Katelyn Ledet

Captain of the Parade: S.P. LaRussa

Established in an effort to allow riders to spend time with their loved ones on Mardi Gras Day, Krewe of Mardi Gras rolls with 350 members and four marching bands. This year’s Grand Marshall is Jay Leslie Pennison, a former professional American football center who played in the NFL and USFL. Pennison was born in Houma and is a graduate of South Terrebonne High School. 


Krewe of Apollo

Noon, Lockport


Krewe of Atlantis

Noon, Golden Meadow


Krewe du Bon Temps

6:30 p.m., Larose


Sunday, March 3 

Rory Dupre.King Terre.jpgDarian Cheramie.Queen Terre.jpg

Krewe of Terreanians

1:30 p.m.

Location: Houma

Theme: Terreanians Remembers Childhood Classics

Floats: 22

King: Rory Dupre

Queen: Darian Cheramie 

Dukes: Brian Bunn, Robert Boudreaux, Vaughan Guidry, Clint Morgan, Mike Prosperie, Bill Price, Roger Guidry, Nolan Lirette

Maids: Lauren Boquet, Madeline Malbrough, Madalyn Robichaux, Lorin Lirette, Brooke Crochet, Hanna Trahan, Madison Bourg, Madison Pontif

Pages: Reece Chaisson, Justin Ledet, Evin Dupre, Kylie Dupre, Aimee Gawlik, Lillian Scurlock

Parade Captain: Jay Schexnayder

Ball Captain: Charles Kornegay

President: John Poiencot

In 1950, the Greater Houma Carnival Club was formed and paraded on a Saturday night. Thousands of citizens from neighboring parishes came to witness the historic parade. The all-male krewe selected its name from the parish Terrebonne, which in French means “good earth”, and the group later changed its name to the Krewe of Terreanians. The now 400-plus member all-male krewe is now known for its borage of specialty beads tossed during the Sunday afternoon parade.



Montegut Children’s Parade

2 p.m.

Location: Montegut

Theme: Countries Around the World 

Floats: 10

King: Rodney Verdin

Queen: Emma Falgout

The Montegut Childrens Carnival Club is in its 73rd year of existence. It was established in 1946 by parents in the Montegut and Ponte-aux-Chenes area for children so they were able to ride on floats and throw beads. Bourg was added many years later. Children living in the local areas can experience the love of Mardi Gras from a riders’ perspective. The children in 1st through 4th grade and 8th grade make up the list of riders. The King, Queen, Dukes, and Maids from the previous year are invited to ride one more year.



Krewe of Cleophas

12:30 p.m.

Location: Thibodaux

Theme: Cleophas Celebrates

Floats: 23

King: David Gautreaux

Queen: Amanda “Nook” Molaison

Parade Captain: Corial Folse

Ball Captain: Peggy Ordoyne

The Krewe of Cleophas hits the streets this year with 234 members. Floats choose a sub theme and utilize their own designs and creativity to decorate their floats and coordinate costumes. Two marching bands, Thibodaux High School and Assumption High School, will join the krewe in their celebration. The Krewe of Cleophas will follow a new route this year. Please see our maps.


King Chronos LXV Mr. Kirk Matin Champagne.JPGTitus ChildersQueen Chronos LXV Olivia Bernadette Peltier.JPGTitus Childers

Krewe of Chronos

1 p.m.

Location: Thibodaux

Theme: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Floats: 23

King: Kirk Martin Champagne

Queen: Olivia Bernadette Peltier

Maids: Emily Claire Landry, Lucy Anne Gautreaux, Ashley Theresa Breaux, Stella Maree Schneider, Emily Kaye Rodrigue, Mary Elizabeth Gros, Sophia Katherine Sirois, Mallory Nicole Parro

Dukes: Joel Landry, Michael Gautreaux, Gregory Breaux, Nicholas Schneider, Perry Rodrigue Jr., Michael Gros, John Sirois, Kevin Parro

Pages: Charles Eli Sumner, Molly LeBlanc Sumner, Madelyn Grace Pere, Landon James Barker, Liam Joseph Barker, Katherine Anne Wise

Juniors: Emily Trotti, William Picciola, Lillie Picciola, Catherine Gros, Emilie Gros, Vivian Matis, Lily Arthurs, William Guidry, Sam Dantin, Brooks Bilello, Quinn Panvelle, Anne Marie Hebert, Landon Bimah, Cole Hebert

Parade Captain & Ball Captain: Ryan Myhand

Formed in 1954 as a way to bring the revelry of the season to the area, Krewe of Chronos is the oldest krewe of the city. The parade uses the same double decker floats that roll through the Big Easy streets and abides by the motto “every man a king”, enabling every member the same opportunity to reign over the ball and parade. In addition to this privilege, each member’s daughter or sister is allowed an equal opportunity to become Queen. Also, the children of the members are privileged to take part as Pages, Junior Dukes and Maids. The Krewe of Chronos is following a new route this year! Please see our maps.



Krewe of Nereids

6 p.m., Golden Meadow

Theme: Nereids Celebrates 35 Years Under the Stars

Floats: 15

Queen: Nicol C. Dufrene

Pages: Conner Renee Felarise, Grace Ann Barrios, Isabelle Grace Friedlander, Kate Elizabeth Friedlander, Ryelee Renee Felarise

Formed in 1984, the Krewe of Nereids was the first all-female krewe in Lafourche Parish. With over 200 members, the ladies grace the parade route atop beautifully illuminated single and double-decker floats. 


Monday, March 4

Krewe of Cleopatra

6:30 p.m., Houma


Tuesday, March 5

King-Dane Ledet, Jr.jpegQueen-Katherine Prentice.jpeg

Krewe of Houmas

1 p.m.

Location: Houma

Theme: Mardi Gras Mambo

Floats: 18

King: Dane “Peanut” Ledet Jr.

Queen: Katherine Olivia Prentice

Dukes: Stephen Paul Bonnecarrere, Sr., Kurt Nelson Breaux, Brandon Christopher Carrere, Rene John Hebert, Sean Joseph Boudreaux, Greg J. Pontiff, Charles Emerson Doskey, Stephen Paul Bonnecarrere, Jr.

Maids: Sarah Claire Olsen, Lauren Elise Haydel, Ellen Marie Ramirez, Annelise Adele Henry, Julia Elizabeth Bond, Logan Elisabeth Babin, Nancy Baughman, Karoline Elizabeth Calongne

Boy Pages: Justin “JJ” James Ledet, John Oliver Steigner, Reese George Serigne

Girl Pages: Mollie Rene Bice, Lucia St. Clair Pizzolato, Ava Lorin Rau

Parade Captain: Jackie Clement

Tableau Captain: Rob Hamilton

Ball Captain: Colin Seibert

Founded in 1946, the oldest krewe in Terrebonne Parish is set to impress with their theme that depicts the joyous celebration of Mardi Gras. The 326 member krewe is set to throw emblemmed necklaces and doubloons, in addition to the coveted Houma’ medallion bead. Unlike many of the New Orleans Mardi Gras organizations whose names were derived from mythology, the Krewe of Houmas decided to honor the first settlers for whom our town is named after: the Houmas Indians. The Krewe of Houmas takes pride in being an organization that caters not only to its members, but also their families. Our Presentation Dance and Tableau prominently features the daughters of our Krewe Members. But the most important aspect of our family-rich history can be found on our floats every Fat Tuesday! Almost every float in our parade features either a father riding with his son or a pair of brothers riding next to one another. Currently, the club’s oldest riding member is Dr. Jerry Haydel, who joined the Krewe of Houmas in 1968.

Ten marching bands will fill the streets: Nicholls State University, Vandebilt Catholic High School, Evergreen Junior High School, Grand Caillou Middle School, St. Helena College and Career Academy, West Feliciana High School, East Feliciana High School, West St. Mary High School and Oaklawn Junior High School. 

King Houmas LXXIII welcomes Nacheaux Cheese on his Royal Entertainment Float. Aptly named, Nacheaux Cheese is “not your” every day cheesy cover band. This group of performers have played and worked together in various capacities over the last 20 years, proving that a nicely aged cheese is not only higher quality, but only gets cheesier with time. Lead singer and guitar player, Lonnie Lapeyrouse, performs locally as a band member and as a soloist at clubs, weddings, parties, and any gathering where “cheddar is better.” Doug Hamilton plays keyboard at local piano lounges, weddings, churches, and events where “string cheese” is as classy as it gets. Matt Bourgeois’ bass guitar blues, or as he likes to call it, “bleu cheese,” is only one of the flavors he adds to this band. He also plays guitar around town and engineers the sound. “Muenster cheese” drummer, Mark Duplantis, keeps the beat for several club and event bands. This group of really “gouda” musicians plays together, more than just on weekends, to lift the spirits of those young cheeses that may need a little guidance in aging gracefully. Nacheaux Cheese is excited to add their “flavors” of music to the Krewe of Houmas historic parade in 2019.


Krewe of Kajuns

Follows Krewe of Houmas, Houma


Bonne Terre KingBonne Terre Queen

Krewe de Bonne Terre

11 a.m.

Location: Montegut

Theme: Roll the Dice, Las Vegas Nights

Floats: 10

King: Jeff  “Jay” Plaisance, Jr.

Queen: Andrea Plaisance

Dukes: Erica Billiot, Drake Dupre, Francis Naquin, Justin Naquin, Hunter Olden, Dustin Plaisance, Jeff Plaisance, Sr., Kevin Sanlin, Carl Verdin, Jr., Chris Verdin

Maids: Yicel Barajas, Tracy Bijeaux, Jessica Billiot, Diana Chaisson, Rhonda Dupre, Alexis Naquin, Kandy Neil, Kayla Plaisance, Rebecca Verdin

Pages: Baylen Plaisance, Londyn Plaisance, Parker Dupre, Gabrielle Verdin

Captain of the Ball: Charlene Pitre

Captain of the Parade: Jason Lirette 

The floats for the Krewe de Bonne Terre are decorated by Montegut Children’s Carnival Club. The krewe selects a theme similar to the children’s club in order to match some of the float themes. The float captain then chooses their riders’ costumes. This year’s grand marshal is Sheauxdown, a variety band from Pointe-Aux-Chenes. The parade features the marching band from South Terrebonne High School.


Krewe of Neptune

11 a.m., Golden Meadow


Krewe of Gheens

11 a.m., Gheens


Krewe of Choupic

1 p.m., Chackbay


Krewe of Ghana

1 p.m., Thibodaux


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