NORAD tracks Santa; follow with us!

Where on Earth is Santa?

Luckily, thanks to the amazing volunteers at NORAD, we know the exact answer and can follow Santa’s journey around the world in one night.

For 60 years, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa’s flight.

In 1955, a Sears Roebuck & Co. ad misprinted a phone number that urged children to place a call to Santa. The phone number printed put children in touch with Colonel Harry Shoup, the CONAD Commander In Chief who answered that hotline number. Each time a child called, he had his staff “check the radar” to see where Santa was in his journey. With the first call made, a tradition was born.  

Since that time, NORAD employees, family and friends have volunteered their time to respond to phone calls and emails from children all around the world. Now NORAD tracks Santa using the Internet.

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