Oct. 16-20 is School Bus Safety Week– keep your students safe by reviewing these tips today!

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October 16-20, 2023 is School Bus Safety Awareness Week! Here are the best ways to help keep students in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parish safe on their ways to and from school. Be sure to review these safety tips with your student today!

“Held during the third full week of October each year, National School Bus Safety Week is an active and evolving public education program and an excellent way for parents, students, teachers, motorists, school bus operators, school administrators, and other interested parties – to join forces and address the importance of school bus safety,” reads the National Association for Pupil Transport’s website. “Designed to promote school bus safety, school districts throughout the country observe School Bus Safety Week.”

The Lafourche Parish School District released the following guides to help community members practice school bus safety:

  • Waiting for the Bus
    • Be sure to arrive on time.
    • Stand back, and wait for the door to open.
  • Riding the Bus
    • Stay in your seat.
    • Keep yourself and your things inside the window.
    • Listen to your bus driver
  • Getting Off the Bus
    • Get off carefully, using the handrails.
    • Stand where your bus drivers can see you.
    • Watch for the bus driver to signal you before crossing.
    • Wait until the bus driver tells you its okay to pick up anything you may have dropped.

For more school bus safety tips, please click here.