Paddle Board Yoga Takes Over the Y

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February 12, 2020
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Bored of the same routines of studio yoga, a local merged her two interests and created “paddle board yoga.”


The Calypso Paddle Company will be hosting Paddle Board Yoga, at the Bayouland YMCA, February 22 and 29, at 8:30am. Class will continue in March.


“It totally brings you out of your comfort zone,” said Fallon Ellender, owner of Calypso Paddle Company. “A practice that you are used to and comfortable with in a studio, we challenge it with unstable ground.”

Ellender began teaching yoga about 10 years ago, and she said she got bored with the same routine of studio yoga. Having lived in Clearwater, Ellender was no stranger to a paddle board. She decided to merge these two interests and bring them back to Terrebonne. This was a way of changing the routine up and forcing people to “get out of their head.”


“Your whole body is in a constant state of engagement,” said Ellender. “You can get a little lazy doing yoga on a stable surface.”


The paddle boards used in her classes are 11-12ft long, and about 34-36 inches wide.


Getting people to try something new was a little difficult at first, but once people try out the paddle board yoga, they open up more to trying more difficult poses. Ellender said, people were much more open to trying handstands and other poses because falling down is much less intimidating.


“A lot of people try headstands and backbends and stuff, because they don’t have that fear boundary of falling on the floor and hurting themselves,” Ellender said. “The worst that can happen is you fall in the water.”


For non-members of the YMCA, the fee is $30, and for members, the fee is $25. For more information call: 985-873-9622.