Fall Favorites! – Chateau Chic October 2023

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October 2, 2023
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October 2, 2023

As fall arrives we find ourselves infusing our homes with a touch of warmth that is uniquely ours. This month we join our friend Shannon Bella of Knight N Day Designs as she personalizes local homes for the season.

Shannon’s love for design and creativity has been a lifelong passion. From a young age, she recognized the impact her surroundings had on her well-being. Despite limited resources, Shannon’s ingenuity allowed her to transform even the simplest of spaces into something magical.

Nearly two decades ago, Shannon embarked on her journey in holiday decorating, which evolved into curating extraordinary events, both grand and intimate. As her bond with clients deepened, she discovered her true calling—transforming homes into uniquely styled, organized sanctuaries. Shannon’s design philosophy is grounded in the belief that style matters. Your home is an extension of yourself—a place where life unfolds.

Follow Shannon Bella on social media at Knightndaydesigns for more ideas to inspire you this fall and all year long.



In this design, Shannon embraced the gentle, subdued, and timeless autumn hues, punctuated by touches of crisp white. She enjoyed integrating her clients’ existing vases and candlesticks to create a curated look. By incorporating natural elements such as dried eucalyptus, wheat, and magnolia leaves into these arrangements they can easily last from Halloween until Thanksgiving.



In this home Shannon opted for a modern Halloween decor theme, characterized by a stylish blend of black and white, accented with vibrant neon colors. As part of this contemporary approach to Halloween, she added a unique touch by custom painting pumpkins and skeletons.




Halloween doesn’t always have to be eerie. In this home Shannon executes an elegant and enjoyable Halloween aesthetic. She incorporates lush greenery and a touch of sparkle to elevate the Halloween decor. Shannon also utilizes consistent colors and patterns throughout the home’s decor to establish a unified and sophisticated appearance.



Why stick to traditional fall colors when you can embrace something different? In this design Shannon wove together a soothing palette of soft blue, elegant gold, and crisp white, which harmonizes with the existing decor throughout the home. By incorporating the vases and bowls already owned by her client, she achieved a harmonious blend of familiar and festive.