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Dr. Conar Fitton is working to advance the science of medicine, as well as provide exemplary care for his patients, one day at a time.

Dr. Fitton, a gastroenterologist with over 20 years of experience, currently serves as a Principal Investigator at Tandem Clinical Research’s network clinic in Houma. The local medical professional received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, before earning a Doctor of Medicine degree from Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans. Dr. Fitton then went on to complete an internal medicine internship and residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and a gastroenterology fellowship at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, Tennessee, before settling at Tandem Clinical Research in Houma.

Tandem Clinical Research is a national network of board-certified physicians who not only provide high quality medical care to their patients, but have also conducted more than 400 research trials in a variety of therapeutic indications, such as vaccines, ENT, respiratory issues, migraines, gastroenterology, general pain, neurology, and general medicine. As stated on their website, Tandem Clinical Research’s mission is to “advance the science of medicine while improving the quality of life of our patients.” Tandem Clinic Research has seven locations where they conduct these trials and serve patients, from New York City, to Louisiana, to Florida.

Through his position as Principal Investigator, Dr. Fitton serves as the physician who leads the conduct of a trial during any particular study, with the Houma branch focusing heavily on high cholesterol and fatty liver disease. “My position at the clinic is really a leadership role,” explained Dr. Fitton. “The Principal Investigator has a responsibility to not only create a good environment for the team, but to also lead a successful clinical trial.”

The Principal Investigator at Tandem Clinical Research oversees each trial that is conducted, trains the staff, delegates work, ensures adequate patient safety, collects and maintains the integrity of the data, and is overall responsible for the quality and success of the trial.

Dr. Fitton expressed how his work at Tandem Clinical Research is unique and rewarding. “It is such interesting work, because we are constantly researching diseases that do not have any known treatments at this point,” said Dr. Fitton. “We are always on the cutting edge of developing new theories to help patients. It is so exciting and absolutely fascinating.” Dr. Fitton expressed that especially with diseases that are quickly becoming epidemics within the United States, working to find successful treatments is a very rewarding process. “We are getting on the forefront of this research so we can get our patients healthier, quicker,” said Dr. Fitton.

Dr. Fitton also explained that another positive part about being involved in clinical research is that the field is evolving with the times, and rarely becomes stagnant. “The interesting thing about clinical research is that our work is ever-changing,” said Dr. Fitton. “We never really find ourselves doing the same thing twice. We are always working on something new, better, and more effective treatment options for these diseases.”

Alongside this important preventative work, Tandem Clinical Research in Houma currently provides services to patients such as memory screenings, liver ultrasounds, healthy pre-screening, and personalized care. At Tandem Clinical Research, Dr. Fitton and his team are constantly working to give patients the opportunity to help shape the future of health for themselves, loved ones, and others, ensuring a stronger and healthier future for as many people as possible.