Home for the Holidays – Chateau Chic December 2022

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December 1, 2022
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December 1, 2022

Chateau Chic POV December 2022 (Photo by Misty Leigh McElroy) [date}

Welcome to our annual Home for the Holidays! 

Step inside the stunning home of John and Kacy Amador. Built in 1996, the house immediately grabs your attention just steps inside the front door. 

Kacy’s holiday style has always been very whimsical, as she and John raised their three children. “As the kids grew older, I considered a more neutral, sophisticated look much to their disapproval,” shared Kacy. “As a result, the décor that they grew to love remained but has been slightly modified over the years.” 

Shannon Bella with Knight N Day Designs has helped the Amador family for years with their holiday decorating. Leaning on Kacy’s style, and not ever straying far from the traditional pieces she holds dear, Shannon transforms the home into a Christmas wonderland. Staying with Kacy’s colors of red and white, Shannon hung the ornaments in a color block pattern this year, twisting around the tree, and included pampas grass as a special final touch.

Kacy holds tight to family traditions around the holidays. “A favorite tradition includes unpacking the Snowbabies each year and recalling who gave them to us. Also, the children exchange one gift with each other on Christmas Eve. This dates back to their very early years as they endlessly begged to open just one before Christmas morning. They still do it to this day,” laughs Kacy. “And of course, gathering with extended family and friends for holiday celebrations throughout the month of December. There’s nothing like the holidays to recall and hold dear the traditions of years past as well as creating new ones with an ever growing family.”