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September 5, 2023
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September 5, 2023

In the heart of Thibodaux, a tradition of creating beautiful smiles has been upheld for decades at LaHaye Orthodontics. Stepping into the field was a natural progression for Dr. Mark B. LaHaye, whose father, Dr. Philip W. LaHaye, was an esteemed orthodontist. Witnessing his father’s artistry in crafting captivating smiles ignited a passion within him, and today, he carries forward this legacy. Established in 1973, this year LaHaye Orthodontics celebrates 50 years of serving Thibodaux, Houma, and the surrounding areas.

After joining his father’s practice in 2004, Dr. LaHaye assumed ownership in 2007, vowing to uphold the tradition of exceptional customer service and creating stunning smiles. Specializing in braces and clear aligners, LaHaye Orthodontics caters to adolescents, teens, and adults, providing the gift of aligned teeth and a comfortable, correct bite.

The heart of LaHaye Orthodontics is its commitment to individualized care. Dr. LaHaye and his dedicated team meticulously craft unique treatment plans for each patient, ensuring that the journey to a dazzling smile is as comfortable and tailored as possible. Serving families and friends for half a century, treatment at LaHaye Orthodontics is a tradition that spans generations. Dr. LaHaye revealed that he treats third-generation patients, marking a legacy that proudly states, “Braces by LaHaye.”

Behind the scenes, an exceptional team forms the backbone of LaHaye Orthodontics. Three team members started with Dr. Philip W. LaHaye: Lindy Naquin, Treatment Coordinator, who has been with the practice for 46 years; and Linda Tabor and Debbie Battaglia, who both retired after over 46 years each in the practice.Reyne, Rhonda, Aryn, Bayli, Hannah, Alexa, and Magen round out the dedicated team extending the tradition of personalized and compassionate care.

After 50 years, LaHaye Orthodontics remains committed to the art of orthodontics. From crafting stunning smiles to building relationships that span generations, the practice takes pride in ensuring that each patient’s journey is marked by excellence, compassion, and transformative results.