Never Grow Up

Creating a space for each boys’ room that is as unique and energetic as this family of seven was a challenge that Crown Atelier of Thibodaux was willing to accept. As an interior design focused firm, owner and architect Stephen P. Arceneaux created designs that are more sophisticated than your typical child’s bedroom.

The initial inspiration came from homeowners, the Callais family of Thibodaux, but the design and elements were left entirely to Stephen. “The best part about the project was the trust the clients had in me. I presented the design and there were no revisions. They truly trusted my vision for each room,” said Stephen.

Each of the rooms is unique in style and perfectly fits each of the children. While the rooms have completely different themes, each room came to life when one unique item was selected as the focal point. All of the design decisions were made with that centerpiece in mind and the outcome is flawless.

The contemporary and futuristic Star Wars themed bedroom is centered around the Millennium Falcon bed, which was a must have for the Callais. While acquiring the bed proved to be a challenge, it was worth it. Traveling all the way from Canada, after months of securing contracts, a freight company and a customs broker, the bed made its journey to South Louisiana. Filled with Star Wars memorabilia including an R2-D2 lamp, a furry oversized bean bag as a nod to Chewbacca and an assembled B-wing Starfighter Lego set, no detail was overlooked.

In the traditional and adventurous pirate themed bedroom, a gorgeous chandler in the shape of a pirate ship commands your attention first. Its sparkling crystals are reminiscent of found treasure. An antique model ship, dresser disguised as a trunk, and sparkling skulls adorning the fire place mantle complete the classic theme.

The whimsical safari room is a perfect fit for the two youngest children. The Schumacher Zebra Palm wall-covering brings the room to life. The bold color is perfectly balanced by selecting neutral supporting elements. Exotic faux animal heads are strategically placed on walls tying together the safari theme. A canvas teepee as well as canopies over each of their beds creates the feeling of sleeping outside while on an expedition. POV

Photos by Misty Leigh McElroy