Renovation Reverie

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July 30, 2021
The Suites at Sugar Mill Point
July 30, 2021

We all know the beginning of this couple’s home story all too well. With plans to build their family’s dream home, another home came on the market and the story was instantly rewritten to include a life in that property. 

Dustin and Nadine Hebert had their hearts set on building a home for their family of five. Having flipped a home once before, Dustin had no interest in renovating again. However, Nadine came across an older home situated on a large lot with mature trees, and quickly realized it’s potential. After convincing Dustin to take a look at it and consulting with contractors, the couple decided this house would become their home. “She was passionate about what it could be, and it got me excited about the potential too,” Dustin remembers.

While the home needed to be updated, the couple knew the former owner and the original builder, and were confident about the quality of the home that was built in 1979. Enlisting Carol Naquin, who originally built the house to consult on the renovations brought an interesting perspective to the table. “It was fun to see him walk around and remember building it,” Nadine recalls. Naquin was also consulted on creating an open floor plan between the kitchen, living and dining room and also shared knowledge about the materials used and the history of the home. 

Eliminating many interior doors, scraping the popcorn ceilings, and creating an open floor plan in the common areas updated the space to fit the young family’s needs and gave them a blank slate. Nadine explains that using neutral colors to give the appearance of higher ceilings and neutral furnishings to keep things simple and clean makes the space feel even larger. The addition of old cypress accents adds warmth and feels as if it was part of the original space. 

The carefully curated interior demonstrates Nadine’s talent and patience in creating her family’s home. “Her ability to see things and put them together in a practical way was vital to the renovation. I really admire how she sees things and puts them together and it makes everything look so nice,” Dustin shares.