Rougarou-themed king cake scares away the competition

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January 20, 2020
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January 20, 2020

Cannata’s is celebrating the Bayou Region’s favorite mythical creaturethe Rougarou and the local festival named after it with the Rougagooey King Cake 

The new dessert is now featured at each of the grocery store’s local locationsand a percentage of the proceeds goes to the South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center (SLWDC), a nonprofit that aims to revolutionize the way people think, teach and learn about Louisiana’s disappearing coast.    

“It’s nice for us because it keeps the festival relevant throughout the year, not just in October when we produce the festival,” said Jonathan Foret, executive director of the SLWDC. “It keeps the brand of the festival in front of people in a very positive wayand we’re super appreciative of that.”  

Foret said the proceeds the organization receives from the cake will help fund its educational programs.  

“We’ve been involved with the Wetlands Discovery Center for many, many years. We’ve always found it to be an incredibly rich resource for our area in their core mission, which is educating youth on the plight of the wetlands in our area,” said Vince Cannata, owner of Cannata’s. “…So with that in mind, we’re always trying to do things that might be helpful to them.” 

“It’s a great way to raise money for a very worthwhile organization that we should all be proud of,” he added.  

The cake features Louisiana pecans, specks of white and dark chocolate, Louisiana cane sugar and tarte à la bouille, among other ingredients.  

“It’s a celebration of all things LouisianaThere’s a lot of nods to traditional Louisiana cooking in there,” Foret said. “It’s so good.”  

“It’s exceptionally delicious,” Cannata said. “I just hope the Rougarou agrees because we don’t want to make him mad.”