Bayou Country Children’s Museum launches campaign to help save the museum

With Thanksgiving out the way, let’s open up the mailbag
December 2, 2019
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December 2, 2019

With one of its top fundraisers, the Night at the Boo-seum, being unsuccessful this year because of two date changes due to severe weather, Bayou Country Children’s Museum (BCCM) does not have the funds to keep the facility running until its next major event in April 2020.

Now the board and staff of the museum are asking the community to chip in before the year is over in the Play Your Part Campaign.

“This is the time of the year when we reflect and think of all that makes us thankful. Here at the BCCM, we are most thankful for you, our community! We are thankful for your support. We are thankful for your trust in us to play, learn, and grow with your children,” reads a press release by BCCM. “We are thankful for our community’s youth and their ability to make us laugh, smile and have fun while creating great memories. We are thankful for these cherished moments!”

“With that said, we would like you to end your calendar year and decade by helping us save the Bayou Country Children’s Museum. For the sake of our community’s children, this vital resource must remain open,” the release reads. “Passionate and dedicated people helped this wonderful place go from an idea to a realization. Currently, we have a passionate and dedicated staff to preserve the museum as a priceless commodity of our community, but we still need your help!”

Learn how to donate to the museum here 

“Although our 2019 year has seen some successes and growth in many areas, we have regrettably been stagnant during this year with regard to major museum sponsorships and donations. Recognizing that this area is of the utmost importance in keeping the museum open and thriving, we have decided to make some necessary changes in our current management and personnel,” the release reads. “In addition, we have developed a strategic plan with great confidence that we will ensure that the Bayou Country Children’s Museum will remain a vital community resource for the children.”