Black History Awareness Program to be held at Civic Center

The 9th annual Black History and Cultural Awareness Program will be held at the civic center this year.


Former Councilwoman Arlanda Williams will be delivering a speech this year, and the theme of the event will be Unity. The event, which had about 350 attendees last year, is focused on recognizing people who were integral to black history in Terrebonne Parish. It will be held at the Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center, Friday, February 28 from 6-8p.m.

“One of the things we want to do at this year’s event is we want to promote unity among Blacks and Whites,” said Councilman John Navy, event organizer. “The story we want to tell at this year’s event is that all races have played a significant role in Black History.”


This is why Navy was inviting former senator Norby Chabert and Superintendent Philip Martin to tell their stories.


Williams, who is being recognized for her time as a councilwoman, said she was proud of her work on the Terrebonne Parish Jump Start Program. The program gives college juniors and seniors the opportunity to work as interns for the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government.


She cited inspiration from President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama’s ability to face criticism, as well as Loretta Smith of Multnomah County, and Councilman Navy’s support, as for her time in public office. She said, she found a partnership on the Council in John Navy that overcame differences in opinion, “even if we looked at them differently we were able to come to a common ground.”


Others to be recognized are: Gregory Harding, Norby Chabert, Joseph Waitz Jr., William Simmons Sr., Roosevelt Thomas, Philip Martin, Jerry Larpenter, Howard Nixon, Lloyd Gibson, Lionel Ruffin, and Nolan Harris. Southern University Alumni, Grambling State University Alumni, and Marine Toys-for-Tots, will also be recognized, as well as, Terrebonne Educator’s Association Credit Union.