Cassidy Delivers: Senator Releases List of 2023 Legislative Accomplishments

Danos Secures bp Logistics Contract
January 5, 2024
Carnival Time on the Bayou
January 6, 2024
Danos Secures bp Logistics Contract
January 5, 2024
Carnival Time on the Bayou
January 6, 2024

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) today released a list of his top accomplishments in 2023 including securing more than $3 billion from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) last year benefitting every corner of the state, introducing his National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorization (NFIP-RE) Act of 2023 to make flood insurance affordable, and introducing his Foreign Pollution Fee to hold China accountable.

As the lead Republican on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, Cassidy passed legislation into law to help more Americans access life-saving organ transplants and assist American farmers and families by improving access to crucial medication for livestock and pets. He also passed legislation through the HELP Committee to increase access to affordable medication, better combat the opioid crisis, improve our nation’s response to natural disasters and public health emergencies, and other legislative solutions to improve the lives of Louisiana families.

“Louisiana elected me to work towards real solutions in Washington,” said Dr. Cassidy. “These accomplishments demonstrate we are focused on improving our state and country, and I look forward to securing more conservative wins in 2024.”

Included in the $3 billion Louisiana received last year from the IIJA was $603 million for Direct Air Capture (DAC) Hubs and $1.4 billion for broadband funding across the state. To mark the two-year anniversary of IIJA becoming law, Cassidy released a booklet providing a parish-by-parish breakdown of the projects made possible by the $10 billion Louisiana has received. [Click here to read the booklet.]


Additionally, Cassidy was awarded a GRAMMY at this year’s GRAMMYs on the Hill Awards for his work in helping the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) escape from Afghanistan after the Taliban seized control of the country in August 2021.

A full list of Cassidy’s top accomplishments in 2023 is below:


Louisiana Jobs & Infrastructure
Historic News: Cassidy Announces Largest Award in U.S. from Infrastructure Bill Goes to Louisiana Link
Cassidy Announces $1.4 Billion for Louisiana in Broadband Funding from Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Link
Cassidy Announces $967.4 Million for Louisiana Roads, Highways from Infrastructure Law Link
Cassidy Announces $304 Million for Louisiana Grid Resilience from Infrastructure Law Link
Cassidy Announces $88.3 Million for Louisiana Department of Transportation Thanks to Infrastructure Law Link
Cassidy Announces $73.8 Million for Port of New Orleans from Infrastructure Law Link
Cassidy Announces $64.7 Million for Louisiana Clean Water Infrastructure from Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Link 1

Link 2

Cassidy Announces $46.8 Million for Louisiana from Infrastructure Law in Carbon Capture Link
Cassidy Announces $45.5 Million for Flood Mitigation Infrastructure in New Orleans Link
Cassidy Announces $27.4 Million for Louisiana Natural Gas Distribution from Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Link
Cassidy Announces $11.4 Million for Louisiana Airport Improvements Link
Cassidy Announces Tens of Millions in Grant Funding for Coastal Restoration from Infrastructure Law Link
                                             Energy & Natural Resources
Cassidy, Daines, Colleagues Introduce Bill Mandating Offshore, Onshore Oil and Gas Lease Sales Link
Cassidy Introduces Judicial Reform Bill to Streamline Permitting Processes in the U.S. Link
Cassidy Leads Colleagues in Introducing Legislation to Prevent Administrative Actions to Shut Down Offshore Energy Development Link
Cassidy, Rubio Introduce Bill to Unleash American Energy, Expand Gas Exports to U.S. Allies Link
Cassidy, Louisiana Delegation Introduces Bill to Preserve, Extend Atchafalaya National Heritage Area Link
Cassidy Leads Introduction of Foreign Pollution Fee to Hold China Accountable  



Cassidy Leads Republican Senate Opposition to a Carbon Tax Link
Border Crisis & Fentanyl
House Passes Cassidy-Backed Bill to Combat Illegal Fentanyl Link
Cassidy, Colleagues Reintroduce Legislation to Combat Illegal Fentanyl, Improve Research Link
Cassidy, Scott, Colleagues Introduce Bill to Bolster Border Security Link
Cassidy, Scott Introduce the Upholding the Law at our Border Act Link
Cassidy, Grassley, Colleagues Reintroduce Bill to Stop Biden Administration Abuse of Immigration Parole Link
Cassidy, Tuberville, Carter Introduce Empowering Law Enforcement Act Link
Cassidy, Cornyn, Republican Colleagues Introduce Bill Forcing Biden Administration to Make Catch-and-Release Data Public Link
Cassidy, Rubio, Colleagues Introduce Bill to Establish Felony Murder Charges for Fentanyl Dealers Link
Cassidy, Cornyn, Colleagues Introduce Bill to Prevent Fentanyl Poisoning Link
Flood Insurance
Cassidy, Higgins, Pallone Roll Out Bipartisan Legislation to Reform the National Flood Insurance Program Link
Cassidy, Hyde-Smith Lead Renewed Effort to Help Flood Insurance Policyholders Link
Disaster Relief
Cassidy, Blumenthal, Colleagues Introduce Bipartisan, Bicameral Bill to Help Homeowners After Storms Link
Cassidy, Feinstein, Colleagues Introduce Bill to Prepare Homeowners for Natural Disasters Link
Cassidy, Schatz, Colleagues Reintroduce Bipartisan Legislation to Reform Disaster Recovery Link
Veterans, Military & Law Enforcement
Cassidy, King, Cramer, Graves, Moulton Introduce Resolution to Establish “Vets Get Outside Day” to Battle PTSD, Veteran Depression Link
Cassidy, Cornyn, Colleagues Introduce Back the Blue Act to Protect our Police Link
Cassidy, Crapo, Shaheen Introduce Bill to Help Bring Missing Servicemembers Home Link
Cassidy Secures Louisiana Wins in National Defense Package Heading to President’s Desk Link
Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee
Cassidy Applauds Organ Transplant Legislation Becoming Law Link
Cassidy-led Bills Improving Access to Medicine for American Livestock & Pets Signed into Law Link
Congress Passes Cassidy-led CRA to Overturn Biden’s Unfair Student Loan Schemes Link
Congress Passes Bipartisan CRA to Repeal Biden Policy Threatening Americans’ Retirement Link
Cassidy-led Legislation Increasing Americans’ Access to Lifesaving Drugs Passes Committee Link
HELP Committee Passes Cassidy-led Legislation Improving Nation’s Response to Natural Disasters & Public Health Emergencies Link
HELP Committee Passes Cassidy-led Legislation Addressing Nation’s Opioid Epidemic Link
HELP Committee Passes Cassidy-led Bill Improving Education Research Link
HELP Committee Approves Cassidy-led Bills Increasing Access to Health Care for Mothers & Children Link
Cassidy-led Bills Improving Americans’ Health Care Pass Committee Link
Cassidy on Julie Su’s Failed Nomination, Biden Forced to Renominate Link
Cassidy Leads Bipartisan Roundtable on Rising Antisemitism on College Campuses Link
Biden Administration Extends Deadline for Implementation of Joint Employer Rule Following Cassidy Letter Link
Cassidy Secures Commitment from Teamsters President to Return $127 Million in Taxpayer Funds Wrongfully Obtained in Democrats’ Pension Bailout Link
2nd Amendment
Cassidy, Kennedy, Colleagues Introduce Resolution to Stop Biden Administration from Turning Lawful Gun Owners into Felons Link
Cassidy-Backed Legislation Authorizing Permanent Electronic Duck Stamp Signed into Law Link
Cassidy, Wicker, Colleagues Introduce Permanent Ban on Taxpayer Funding for Abortions Link
Cassidy, Cardin, Collins, Cantwell Reintroduce Bill to Expand Access to Historic Tax Credit Link
Cassidy, Wyden Introduce Bill to Allow Americans with Disabilities to Work Without Worry Link
Cassidy, Daines, Colleagues Introduce Bill Making Small Businesses Tax Cuts Permanent Link
Cassidy, Colleagues Introduce Bills to Protect Louisiana Agriculture Against Dumping from China, India Link
Cassidy, Markey Reintroduce COPPA 2.0 to Protect Online Privacy of Children and Teens Link
Foreign Affairs
Cassidy to be Honored with Grammy Award for Helping Music School Escape from Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan Link
Senate Passes Cassidy, Cotton Bipartisan Resolution Affirming American Support for Israel Link
Cassidy, Baldwin Introduce Bill to Strengthen Communities Hurt by Chinese Trade Cheating Link
Cassidy, Kennedy Introduce Resolution Congratulating LSU Quarterback Jayden Daniels on Winning the 2023 Heisman Memorial Trophy Link
Senate Passes Cassidy-Kennedy Resolution Celebrating LSU Baseball’s National Championship Win Link