Celebration for our coach: Community to honor Orgeron

Gladys Aycock
February 14, 2017
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February 14, 2017

South Lafourche natives are ready to honor one of their own this weekend in a community-wide celebration.

“Coach O” Day will be held this weekend at the Larose Civic Center pavilion – an evening local citizens have designed and created to show appreciation for Ed Orgeron, a Larose native, who is now the head football coach at LSU.

According to event organizers, support for the event has been “terrific,” and a crowd of “well more than 1,000 people” is expected for the night.

“Support has been very good,” said area businessman Brent Duet, who has been part of the committee responsible for organizing the event. “We have a lot of tickets sold, and a lot of tables sold, and I can assure you there’s going to be a lot of good food and a lot of good people ready to have a good time. We talked to Ed, and he requested the menu, and said he can’t wait to celebrate with the people in the community he grew up.”

The evening is going to be a big night for folks in southern Lafourche Parish.

Duet said countless local lawmakers and sports figures are expected to attend the event, including area sports figures like Bobby Hebert, Mike Detillier (master of ceremonies) and Ronnie “Crocket” Estay.

The format of the night will be an old-fashioned Cajun sit-down dinner, featuring an extensive menu filled with Orgeron’s favorites – fried shrimp, white beans, jambalaya and more.

During the evening, dignitaries from all across Louisiana will ascend to the stage and will tell ‘war stories’ about days on the gridiron.

The evening is also meant to be a celebration of Orgeron’s career contributions to the sport.

During the night, South Lafourche High School will retire his No. 77 jersey, and several members of the 1977 State Championship team will be in attendance, a team which Orgeron was a member of, as well.

Duet said he’s not sure if Orgeron will address the crowd publicly during the dinner, but he has an inkling that the coach is going to show his appreciation for fans during the night.

In addition to the speeches, the South Lafourche High School band has agreed to perform for the crowd.

“I have a feeling that he’s going to say something to the folks who attend once he has something that he wants to say,” Duet said. “Coach O isn’t a shy or a reserved man. We think he’s going to get up there and say a few words to the folks in attendance. I’ll tell you this: It’s going to be a great night. We’ve had a lot of outstanding help from the community to make this event happen, and the folks in the community are really going to be extremely proud.” •


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