Comcast out in Houma? It’s out around other parts of the country, too

Internet has been out throughout a lot of Houma today.

We know first-hand because the outages shut down our internet, which also took down our phones.

But after a little digging, it turns out that the outages are actually widespread around several parts of the country.

A Comcast outage map shows widespread pockets of outages around the country – in the South, Midwest, East Coast and West Coast.

Comcast has not confirmed the cause of the outage locally, but several reports state it stemmed from a cut fiber line in Texas.

Comcast has said throughout the day that it’s working around the clock to fix the issue and that normal services should return soon.

But locals are growing impatient.

Early estimates from the company this morning said services would return this afternoon. Now, they project services to return tonight or maybe even early tomorrow.

Local businesses are perhaps the most impacted from the outage. Several companies have reported that they are unable to use their debit/credit card machines because of the lack of an internet connection.