Ditch Your Car Keys for National Dump the Pump Day

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June 17, 2022
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June 17, 2022

Many Americans dread taking a trip to the gas station as gas prices continue to increase across the country. If you’ve considered ditching your car keys to save a few bucks, today is the perfect day! June 17 is National Dump the Pump Day, an annual holiday organized by the American Public Transportation Association. Commemorated in 2006, the holiday encourages motorists to park their cars for a day to take the bus or train, and save money.


Although honored annually, this year’s celebration is significant, as the national average of fuel prices reached $5 per gallon over the weekend. If you’re waiting for a big break at the pump, don’t hold your breath. Experts are predicting prices to increase by 25 percent, surpassing $6 by the end of summer. Completing your daily errands using public transportation not only saves money but helps protect the environment. According to UCLA transportation, using public transportation reduces CO2 emissions by 45%, decreases pollutants in the atmosphere, and improves air quality.


Park your car, hang up your keys, and make your run to the grocery store, to work, or to visit a friend by walking, riding your bike, or riding in the A/C with Good Earth Transit for $1.


Good Earth Transit is a parish-wide transportation system committed to providing safe and reliable transit and quality service for Terrebonne Parish residents. Commuters can purchase a one-way ride for $1 or a day pass for $2.50. Purchasing a day pass allows you to get on and off the bus as much as you need for one day. Fixed-route transit buses operate throughout the parish. Be sure to arrive at your bus stop a few minutes early to ensure your ride. Please have the exact change for bus fares. Good Earth Transit bus drivers are not allowed to carry or make changes for passengers. Our fareboxes accept all coins and bills.


Good Earth Transit Bus Schedule can be viewed here.