Dove selects department heads

Terrebonne Parish President Gordon Dove wants a new parish attorney and public works director in his administration.

Dove’s list of recommended appointments is in Wednesday’s Terrebonne Parish Council meeting agenda. The list, sent to council members on Friday, will be formally presented at tomorrow’s council meeting. A vote to ratify the appointees takes place on Jan. 27.

Dove recommended that Julius Hebert take over for Courtney Alcock as Terrebonne Parish Attorney. Alcock, who has been parish attorney since Jan. 2005, was recommended by Dove to be an assistant parish attorney. Hebert is one of two partners at the Hebert & Marceaux law firm and has more than 30 years of legal experience according to his résumé attached in the agenda. Hebert’s partner, Brian Marceaux, joins Alcock as one of the recommended assistant parish attorneys.

Nine of the 13 department head appointees listed will be holdovers from former parish president Michel Claudet’s administration. Three are listed to fill currently vacant or soon-to-be vacant positions, while one appointee will be replacing a department head.

Dove has recommended Michael C. Toups to be the new Public Works Director. Toups, if ratified, would take over for Gregory Bush. Toups’s résumé lists over 40 years of experience in the marine industry, including 22 years at Bollinger Machine Shop & Shipyard. Toups, who last worked in July 2015, wrote in his cover letter that he is looking to get out of retirement with a full-time job, and he mentions his experience managing large projects.

“I have extensive management experience handling multimillion dollar new construction, conversion and dry docking jobs involving over one hundred and fifty employees and their supervisory staff,” Toups wrote.

The three other new names up for ratification as department heads would be taking vacant positions. Kandace Mauldin is Dove’s choice for Terrebonne’s next Chief Financial Officer. Mauldin would replace Jamie Elfert, who is retiring. Elfert agreed to stay on for a few weeks after Claudet’s term ended to assist Dove and her replacement with the transition.

Mauldin is an audit manager at the Houma office of Bourgeois Bennett Certified Public Accountants. She had been working with Bourgeois Bennett since 2004, according to her résumé. According to Dove, Mauldin has worked closely with Elfert, as she has been in charge of auditing the parish for Bourgeois Bennett.

Dove has pegged Christopher Pulaski as the next planning director in Terrebonne. Pulaski would replace Patrick Gordon, who left his position to be the CEO of Terrebonne Economic Development Authority. Pulaski would be an in-house appointment, as he has been a senior planning and zoning administrator for Terrebonne Parish since Dec. 2011.

The new parish president recommended Mart Black as the next director of the Coastal Restoration and Preservation Department. Black would be taking over for Nick Matherne, who left the post in the middle of last year. Since then, Parish Manager Al Levron has been providing managerial support for the department. Black previously served on the Terrebonne Parish Council from 1992 – 1996 as the representative for District J.

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