Election 2023: Statewide Election Results

Jessica Domangue Elected State Representative District 53
November 18, 2023
Jason Bergeron Elected Terrebonne Parish President
November 18, 2023

Here are the results in our October 18, 2023 statewide elections:

  • Secretary of State:

Nancy Landry (REP) has been elected Secretary of State of Louisiana receiving 67% of the vote. (446,038 votes)

“Gwen” Collins-Greenup (DEM) received 33%  of the vote. (221,698 votes). 

Voter turnout for this election was 22.4%.

  • Attorney General:
“Liz” Baker Murrill (REP) has been elected Attorney General of Louisiana receiving 66%  of the vote. (444,081 votes).
Lindsey Cheek (DEM) received 34% of the vote. (225,011)

Voter turnout for this election was 22.5%

  • Treasurer:
John Fleming (REP) has been elected Treasurer of Louisiana receiving 65of the vote. (437,303 votes)

Dustin Granger  received 35% (230,961 votes). 

Voter turnout for this election was 22.5%.

  • State Senator Dist 21:

Robert Allain (REP) has been elected State Senator Dist. 21 of Louisiana receiving 59% of the vote (9,188 votes). 

Henry “Bo” Lagrange  received 41% (6,826 votes). 

Voter turnout for this election was 22.8%.