Gap-filling Weather Radar Installation Nearing Completion in Terrebonne Parish

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Today, Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Water Works and the Terrebonne Parish Department of Homeland Security announced that its partner, Climavision, a climate- tech data pioneer, has nearly completed installing a new weather radar system in Chauvin, which will supplement weather coverage in between neighboring NEXRAD S-Band radars. Because of regional topography and the nature of weather radar technology, gaps can exist between systems as the radar beam moves higher in the atmosphere the further it gets from the radar location. This leaves some areas, such as Terrebonne Parish, exposed to weather phenomena that often happens in the lower atmosphere such as flash flooding, sleet, ice, and tornadoes.

The dual-polarization, X-Band weather radar is designed specifically to fill these small gaps to provide the highest resolution view of what’s happening nearest to the ground. While all warnings and notices will continue to come through official National Weather Service channels, the system will provide critical visibility enabling forecasters and emergency officials to better plan, prepare, and respond to volatile weather situations.

“This is a great public-private partnership between the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Water District No. 1 and Climavision to provide additional weather radar technology for our Parish and other public and private entities to monitor weather conditions,” said Gordon Dove, Parish President for Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government. This new radar will definitely provide additional weather information to our oil and gas industry, through private weather service providers, to obtain real-time radar data along the Terrebonne and La Fourche Parish coastline during severe weather events,” said Parish President Dove.

“Waterworks is gratified to play its role in providing a platform for Climavision to position its high-tech hardware to monitor and report upcoming and presently active weather events,” said Waterworks’ Board of Commissioners President Vincent Celestin. “Securely fastened on top of our water tower – vacant space until now – Climavision’s sophisticated machinery will collect real-time weather data and get it in the hands of public safety officials to help protect those who need it most. All at no cost to Waterworks or the Parish, I might add, too. A special thanks t o Earl Eues, Director of Terreboone Parish OHSEP, for putting us together with Climavision to allow us the opportunity to make this happen.”

Climavision’s X-Band weather radar is a proprietary high-resolution, solid state, system manufactured in the United States. It is safe and licensed by the FCC. Terrebonne Parish expects the system to be operational within 4-6 weeks with EMA and government officials receiving access to the real-time data.