Island Strong Music Festival donates $120,000 of funds raised to rebuild Grand Isle

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September 2, 2023
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September 2, 2023
On the second anniversary of Hurricane Ida, the Island Strong Music Festival hosted their second live-music event to raise funds to rebuild the Island. Organizers would like to thank their sponsors and everyone who “came out to support this great event this summer–It was amazing to see the amount of people who came out to support Grand Isle.”
Island Strong Music Festival continued on Facebook, “With this event we had a vision that we could make a difference in Grand Isle by bringing people together on a weekend to hang out, talk and enjoy great music and just spend time on the island. We are blessed to call this place home and to have everyone visit and enjoy being together.”
2023’s Island Strong Music Festival was a very successful one– with funds received from sponsorships, donations, and from all those who came to the festival, Island Strong was able to make significant donations to rebuild the Island. In 2022, Island Strong Music Fest was able to donate $115,788.68 to rebuild the newly named Island Strong Sports Complex. In 2023, the organization donated $20,000 to the Grand Isle School Athletic Department and $100,000 to the Town of Grand Isle to be used to improve drainage on the west end of the island. This section is currently in need of help to remove water from Louisiana Highway 1 and drain water to Caminada Bay. “We know this is just a drop in the bucket on the drainage issues, but it’s a start and better than doing nothing,” said Island Strong Music Fest on Facebook.
Organizers have announced they are already busy planning the 2024 Island Strong Music Festival and encourage any community members who wish to sponsor or contribute to this event to please reach out via the Grand Isle Facebook page.