LDH releases additional information: Underlying conditions among COVID-19 related deaths

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March 27, 2020
Christine “Fred” Leonard
March 27, 2020

The Louisiana Department of Health has updated its website to reflect the latest number of positives and will continue to update its website at noon each day. Shorty after the noon report, they also release relevant information pertaining to the deaths.


The ages of the deceased are shared: The Lafourche residents were 62 and 70 years of age. The Terrebonne resident was 62.


They also released a list and percentages of underlying conditions among COVID-19 related deaths. Diabetes is the number one underlying condition, at 41%, followed by chronic kidney disease at 31%.



The entire release is posted below:

As of noon on March 27, the Department reported 441 additional cases since yesterday, bringing the total to 2,746 positive cases.


Yesterday, 676 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized. Of those, 239 required ventilation. Today, 773 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized. Of those, 270 require ventilation.



Nursing homes/independent living/assisted living facilities
The Department of Health has identified COVID-19 clusters in eight nursing homes/independent living/assisted living facilities in the state: Chateau D’Ville, Chateau De Notre Dame, Chateau St. James, Good Samaritan New Orleans, Lambeth House, Luling Living Center, St. James Place and Vista Shores. A cluster is identified as two or more cases that appear to be connected.


Because of the sheer volume of cases, we will be sharing the updated number of clusters every day at noon. We will rely on facilities for reporting on the most-up-to-date information. The fact that someone has died at a nursing home/independent living/assisted living facility has less to do with the facility and more to do with the individual.


The Department continues to work with nursing homes to minimize the spread of the illness and protect residents and staff.



Below is the latest on underlying conditions among COVID-19 related deaths. Because of the significant increase in deaths since yesterday, the below information reflects yesterday’s data.


% of deaths
Chronic Kidney Disease
Chronic Liver Disease
No Underlying Conditions
The Department reports an additional 36 deaths since yesterday, bringing the total to 119 deaths. They also share the ages of the deceased.
The Lafourche residents were 62 and 70 years of age. The Terrebonne resident was 62.