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Kimberly Billiot, owner of Fitness for Life Studio, doesn’t own a stereotypical workout gym.

That’s by design.

Instead of catering to the massive crowd like some gyms, Billiot instead said her business strategy caters to personal training services and taking care of those who want to get in better health without feeling the pressures of working out in a fully-filled facility where they might feel pressured by their surroundings.

“We’re a personal training studio, which means we’re not the normal gym,” Billiot said. “We have a good clientele, but it’s not a clientele that will ever be 300-400 people, but that’s the way we’re designed to be.”

Billiot didn’t get her start in personal training until she was in her 30s. She said she had dabbled in all forms of fitness, before graduating from Nicholls with a sports science degree n a degree she returned to school to chase after making plans to start her business.

“My goal and my passion is to help people to have good health,” she said. “And this studio was made as the tool we use to do that.”

Billiot said most of the clients in her now 1-year-old business are middle-aged adults who are just being introduced to medical problems, and are thus trying to rediscover good health.

“A lot of these people have medical problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, or have already had heart attacks or whatever it might be,” Billiot said. “But mostly they are people who are on medicine now, so it is our goal to get them off of that medicine.”

Before anyone can step foot on any of Billiot’s first-class workout equipment, customers must undergo a wellness screening before you start, which involves a lipid panel and a glucose panel from a nurse housed in the studio, as well as a three-phase fitness assessment.

Billiot said this process allows her staff to better strategize for the customer’s workout plan.

“By the time he’s done with you, we know just about everything about you to design a workout plan for you, as well as knowing anything we might need to be aware of when we’re making your training plan, involving any limitations of restrictions you might have,” Billiot said.

So far, the studio owner said her business services approximately 75 clients.

She said the thought that she’s helping to extend the lives of that mass of people is what keeps her and her staff pushing forward in the future, despite the sometimes-demanding schedule that accompanies running a business.

“That’s the biggest gratification I get from it,” she said. “When I hear that a person’s numbers have changed or all of this other stuff, it just feels so good to know that you and your staff have had a little bit of a part of it.”

Title: Owner of Fitness for Life Studio

Age: 43

Family: Single with two children, Kaysee and Meaghan

Education: Graduated from Nicholls State University (sports science)

If you could add one hour to each day: Spend time with my daughter

First job: Receptionist for former Congressman Billy Tauzin

Describe yourself in one word: Independent

What did you want to be growing up? Fashion designer.

Best advice received: “Don’t let someone else dictate your day!”

Best advice you’d give to a woman in business: “Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing your dream.”

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you be doing? I have no idea.