No update from LDH today

The Louisiana Department of Health is not updating their dashboard today, July 4, 2020.


Yesterday LDH reported the total number of cases had risen to 63,289. That was 1,728 more cases than Thursday.


These numbers put Louisiana over the 10 percent threshold for the first time since May. According to Friday’s numbers, 10.3 percent of people tested positive for COVID-19. The World Health Organization set a 10 percent positive testing result as the benchmark for if a coronavirus outbreak is contained in an area.


The vast majority of cases were from the past week and 98 percent of these cases are connected to spread in communities, rather than congregate settings like nursing homes. 43 percent of cases are from ages 29 and under.


Locally, Lafourche Parish reported 1,248 cases, 47 more than Thursday. Terrebonne Parish reported 1,147 cases, 53 more than yesterday. This was the largest one day total for Lafourche since April 1.


In Terrebonne Parish, there have been 263 new cases in one week, Friday 6/26, to Friday 7/3. In the same week, Lafourche added 184 new cases.


Terrebonne reported 2,487 tests in the same period; Lafourche reported 2,208 tests. This puts Terrebonne at at 10.574 percent positive rate and Lafourche at an 8.33 percent rate.