Principal swap at Vandy, EDW

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As news spread about E.D. White Catholic High School’s president David Boudreaux making the move to Vandebilt Catholic High School, he was preparing to go on retreat with members of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

As soon as E.D. White’s band director Tim Robichaux accepted the presidency position at the Thibodaux school, he left for a band trip with his students. When he returned, he was busy with students at a concert band festival.

Leaders appointed to the presidency positions at both Catholic high schools have been busy with mid-semester activities to truly process the upcoming changes. But as they both work through their schedules, Boudreaux and Robichaux are optimistic about the future at their perspective schools.

Boudreaux has been a part of E.D. White community on and off for almost 45 years, graduating from the school in 1969.

His first job after college was at Vandebilt Catholic where he taught band and religion. He also served in the roles of academic assistant and disciplinarian.

In 2000, he returned to E.D. White when the school’s assistant principals asked if he would consider the move to the Thibodaux school.

“I always loved E.D. White, I enjoyed it when I was here,” Boudreaux said. “I was assistant principal (at Vandebilt) at the time, so I decided to come here.”

Serving as principal for six years and becoming the first president at E.D. White, Boudreaux has been a part of many projects and improvements.

“With input from faculty and the administrative team we help chart the course of the school,” he said. “I’m a big believer in planning for the future. I think we need to have a vision of what we’re going to be in five years, what we’re going to be in 10 years.”

One of those improvements was the push to use more technology to keep students engaged in the classroom. Walking through the halls of E.D. White, every student carries an iPad.

The school raised more than $300,000 to install the fiber optics and routers to support the iPads. While each parent purchases the iPad for their students, the school’s technology fee covers certain apps used to supplement coursework.

“If we don’t change we are destined to be obsolete,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense to tell students to take four steps backward and put the technology away when they walk through our doors.”

Boudreaux acknowledges he is part of a team with the parents, students, faculty and administration at E.D. White.

“I’m not responsible singlehandedly for any one thing,” he said. “We, as the E.D. White community, did great work. All of it was done not by me, but through me.”

He said when he left Vandebilt after 17 years, he realized the biggest differences in the schools was the color of their uniforms, as both schools profess the philosophy of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

It is a tradition he looks to continue at Vandebilt.

“I really hoped they would get someone at Vandebilt who would keep the ties of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart alive and I guess the only way to ensure that would happen is to go and do it myself,” Boudreaux said.

While he considers himself blessed to have worked with the community at E.D. White, he looks forward to the new challenge at Vandebilt.

“I know and pray we are going to put together a great team at Vandebilt and I can’t wait to get started,” Boudreaux said. “I welcome anyone in the Vandebilt community to call me and make an appointment if they want to be part of creating that shared vision.”

Robichaux is also an alumnus of E.D. White, graduating from the school in 1979. Before he became a part of the education realm, he worked in the business world.

In 2000, he was hired as a temporary computer science and computer applications teacher. With his degree in accounting and music, he was able to take over as band director when the former director retired. It is a position he has held for the last 10 years.

“What I like most about E.D. White is it is like a family,” Robichaux said. “We all support each other.”

While he will miss the creative process he partakes in everyday with his band students, Robichaux said he considers it a calling to take on the president’s position.

“Even though you have new students it becomes less of a challenge, and I think this is a new challenge for me,” Robichaux said.

The new president of E.D. White, slated to begin his duties July 1, said he is interested in bringing the schools closer together, while keeping the competitive spirit with academics and athletics alive.

Boudreaux told Robichaux his first job is to find someone who will take his place since the philosophy of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is “to grow their own leaders.”

“Tim has been interviewed for the last 14 years. We have given him tasks to complete that he has done exceedingly well and he relates to the students,” Boudreaux said. “I would not have made this move if he didn’t say yes.”

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