Rec board vice chair accuses councilman of foul language and more

It’s Da Buzz Not Da Fuzz
November 15, 2017
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November 16, 2017
It’s Da Buzz Not Da Fuzz
November 15, 2017
Reed makes his way back to the NFL
November 16, 2017

The vice-chairman of the recreation district that serves communities along Bayou Dularge said he plans to take his complaint of bad behavior and bullying to police when his lawyer returns from a trip next week.

Lloyd Poienecot, who is an appointed member of Terrebonne Parish Recreation District 10, made his complaint against Terrebonne Parish Councilman Al Marmande public Wednesday night when he addressed council members.

The Times also obtained a cell-phone video of an encounter between the two that occurred after a council meeting on Oct. 25, the second of two times Poienecot alleges Marmande attempted to intimidate him.

See that video below. CAUTION: It contains adult language. 

Council video

Marmande said he has not touched Poiencot physically and that he did not threaten him. The councilman said he was angry because the rec board official was telling lies about him.

“He said I was for consolidation of the rec districts and that’s a lie,” said Marmande, who acknowledged using vulgar language.

“On two separate occasions after a council meeting, I was aggressively approached and verbally attacked and felt threatened with violence by councilman Al Marmande,” Poienecot told council members.

The first time alleged was Sept. 13 after a council meeting. During a conversation about an ordinance Councilman John Navy proposed that would have given oversight to council members of two recreation districts, Marmande allegedly told Poienecot to “shut up.”

“At that point I asked Mr. Marmande to please not tell me to shut up and at which time he yelled where everyone that remained in the room could hear him say, ‘I told you to shut the f _ _ _ up, I don’t need to listen to you.’ At that point Mr. Marmande aggressively came towards me, cursing at me and pressed his body against mine.”

A police officer, Poienecot said, pulled Marmande away. That incident was not recorded. A Times request for video of that incident made several weeks ago resulted in a response that there was no video because the camera used to record meetings was no longer on when it occurred.

The incident of which there is a partial recording took place on Oct. 25. After a meeting at which a new ordinance was passed giving council oversight of recreation districts, which Marmande voted in favor of, Poienecot said he parked in the Parish Council’s exterior lot. Marmande had parked in the government building’s parking garage.

While in the lot after the meeting, Poienecot said he was talking with Council Chairman Dirk Guidry and District 10 member Lee Molaison and that Marmande drove onto the lot in his vehicle, followed by Councilwoman Arlanda Williams in hers.

“Mr. Marmande pulled in next to where we were standing and Ms. Williams stopped about 60 feet away,” Poienecot said in the statement he delivered Wednesday night. “Upon stopping, Mr. Marmande jumped out of his vehicle in an aggressive manner and began to curse at me, calling me a midget and once again came up to me pressing his body against mine and once again I felt threatened with violence.”

The video starts at the point where Marmande allegedly refers Poienecot, who is shorter in stature than Marmande, as a midget.

A heated discussion ensues with liberal use of foul language by Marmande.

Williams allegedly called out to Marmande to leave the man alone.

“My reason for coming here tonight is to simply bring this to light and ask if there is anything in place to deal with a council member that is acting in such a way that is unbecoming of an elected official,” Poienecot said. “After all you just voted in an ordinance to be able to remove a recreation board member with or without cause.”

Neither Marmande nor fellow council members spoke after the allegations were uttered.

Al Marmande