Texas Lineman Working in Houma Shares Special Gender Reveal with Girlfriend Back Home

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© Kelsy Chauvin, Bijoux Photography

Alexys DeVaughn and Artemio Serrano Jr. are from Odessa, Texas. Serrano is a lineman that has come to Louisiana to help restore power. He shared a heart-warming moment with his girlfriend.

DeVaughn and Serrano learned that they will be welcoming their first child and, although it was a surprise, they both were very excited. When Serrano left for work, DeVaughn realized he wouldn’t be home by the time the gender results came in and she knew she wanted to surprise him somehow. Her friend, Casidy Jorgensen, called her with the same idea and told her she was in a group with many amazing ladies who were feeding the linemen. Jorgensen reached out to the group asking if anyone was willing to help put something together. They quickly got amazing support and Devaughn said they went above and beyond!

The group was able to connect them to Houma photographer Kelsey Chauvin with Bijoux Photography. Chauvin then reached out to Nicolette Pellegrin with Sapphire Moon Photography and Shelly Hebert with Shelly Hebert Photography. Pellegrin said it was so exciting to be involved in the reveal. “Just to know that they have been working so hard for us,” she said, “so to give them a little excitement and celebration in the midst of all the chaos was definitely worth it.”

(Pictured are Nicolette Pellegrin, Kelsey Chauvin, and Shelly Hebert)

Everyone involved with the planning seamlessly put together the pieces so that DeVaughn and Seranno can be surprised at the same time. DeVaughn was in Texas with her friends and family while Serrano was in Houma with his crew. They were able to Facetime while the two reveals were happening simultaneously and were able to share the experience together while the Houma local photographers captured the beautiful moment.

The expecting couple was very surprised to learn that their first child is a girl! “We had thought for sure that we were having a boy,” DeVaughn said. Although they guessed wrong, she said they are still beyond excited to be having a sweet baby girl, especially since Serrano was hoping deep down for one.

Serrano already looks like a proud father in the gender reveal photos. “Honestly, it made my heart so full,” DeVaughn said. “I’ve always known he’d make a great dad, with the way he interacts with his nieces and nephews. He’s so big on family.” She said seeing his reaction made her realize just how much love he already has for their baby. “I’m especially in love with the picture of him looking at his phone with the biggest grin while we were on FaceTime!”

© Shelly Hebert Photography

She said Serrano is happy to be in Louisiana helping and getting power back to the people. Whenever the hurricane hit, he and his coworkers were more than happy to come to Louisiana to do their part. The expecting mother said, “I’m so proud of him and those he works with!” While we appreciate Seranno here in Louisiana, DeVaughn said it has been hard because the pregnancy hasn’t been easy so far. She has hyperemesis gravidarum which is severe morning sickness. She said it’s been hard being so sick and not having him home with her. “I know it hasn’t been easy for him knowing how sick I am and not being able to be here for me,” she said. “I miss him beyond words.”

She said she hopes for people to remember kindness for the lineman. She said she knows many people have been without power since the hurricane and it’s tough, but these men and women are away from their families. Some are missing birthdays, anniversaries, and other things that are so important to them. “If these Ladies that I’ve had the honor to get to know have shown me anything,” she said, “it’s that Louisiana truly brings people together during their hard times.”

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