UHN citizen recently named to the EPA’s new National Environmental Youth Advisory Council

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November 20, 2023
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November 20, 2023

Congratulations to United Houma Nation citizen Rachel Billiot-Bruleigh for being named to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new National Environmental Youth Advisory Council!

The EPA posted the following biography about the Billiot-Bruleigh: “Rachel Billiot-Bruleigh is a citizen of the United Houma Nation in southeast Louisiana. She graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Cultural & Environmental Studies. During internships with the SCCASC and Haskell Environmental Research Studies Institute, her research involved work with traditional ecological knowledge, health, and environmental conservation. As part of the Wizipan Program at the Indian University of North America, she earned a Certificate in Leadership and Sustainability from South Dakota State University. She has also completed the Alaska Indigenous Research Program with the ANTHC and Alaska Pacific University. She remains committed to building positive relationships between land, water, people, and wildlife.” Billiot-Bruleigh is one of 16 chosen members.

“The EPA established the National Environmental Youth Advisory Council (NEYAC) in 2023 to provide independent advice and recommendations to the Administrator on how to increase EPA’s efforts to address a range of environmental issues as they relate to youth, with an emphasis on communities below 29 years of age,” reads the official description of the NEYAC on the EPA’s website. “Council members will provide a critical perspective on how the impacts of climate change and other environmental harms affects youth communities.”

Read more about those selected for the NEYAC, and the EPA’s mission, here. Congratulations to Rachel Billiot-Bruleigh for this accomplishment!