Letter: Convention stirs debate

Dear Editor,

With the finish of the DNC convention it should be obvious to all rank-and-file Democrats, the party has been taken over by anti-American groups. With the shameful display of trying to put God back in their platform, it is apparent that if you are a Christian you are not wanted in the Democratic Party.

The Democrats need to be defeated at all levels this November so we can slow down the rush toward socialism that we are headed for.

All we heard at the DNC was more government, bigger government, and all government. Even if you as a Democrat believe in God, family and country, the leadership does not and are doing everything to break these three things down so that you will have to rely on the government for everything.

It is time to end the division of the country the Democrats are pushing. They want to punish successful people and provide everything for everybody else. This is a nation that believes everybody has a chance at success.

What I find amazing is how the Democrats label anybody that still believes in God, family, and country as extremists. What is extreme is teaching sex education to 1st graders. What is extreme is allowing same sex marriage after several centuries of marriage being between a man and a woman. What is extreme is allowing our deficit to be increased to the point where our grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to pay off our debt. What is extreme is to denigrate the country that has been responsible for the greatest advances for civilization in mankind for the last 200-plus years.

If you want to continue the mad dash towards socialism then vote Obama, but if you want to save our Constitutional Republic then vote Romney. At least he will slow the march toward the cliff we are about to go off of.

God bless America, God bless Louisiana, and God bless all patriots.

Bernard Hargenrader,

Houma, La.