LETTER: Help Ellender’s student council

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November 6, 2013
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November 6, 2013

Dear Editor,

My name is Brandy Jackson and I am the sponsor of the Allen J. Ellender Memorial High School Student Council. I am interested in sending 12 students to the LASC State Conference to help them in their efforts to become better student leaders.

The LASC Conference is sponsored by the Louisiana Association of Student Councils that will provide students with three (3) days of hands-on training in the key areas of leadership, service, student voice, and engagement. Training sessions address such important topics as bullying and being college, career and citizen ready. Developing these skills will help students achieve their goal of becoming better leaders in our school and community.

In order to go to the LASC State Conference, we need to raise $5400 ($450 per student) to help pay for registration, housing, and transportation. We have raised $1500 and are in need of assistance to attain the remainder of the expenses. I hope you will consider our request and be able to provide assistance to help us achieve our goal of attending. I can be reached at (985) 868-7903 or Brandyjackson@tpsd.org. Thank you for your time and consideration..

Brandy Jackson,

Houma, La.