Parties still leave us holding the $16 trillion tab

We found it difficult to listen to the Republican and Democrat National Conventions this year. At least the Republicans had an excuse that Hurricane Isaac interrupted electricity and the cable television signal.

Each group made the case for their candidate, with polished speeches that appealed mainly to the public already in their respective camps of secured votes.

Each group had their young, strong and impressive up-and-coming orators. Most of whom will soon fall off the political radar, to the disappointment of us who still wish to believe someday we might have a race of presidential bidders who are each equally worthy candidates.

RNC and DNC presenters did the obligatory slamming of the other party. Each had speakers and attendees have their presentations taken out of context and hijacked by the mainstream media with a deliberate, self-righteous slant to make their target look as foolish or sinister as possible.

The most disturbing part of the presidential conventions was the wondering of how many millions of dollars each party spent for gatherings at these extravaganzas, only to offer the results which were basically decided with primary elections and caucus gatherings.

While all that was taking place, the national debt surpassed $16 trillion.

The figure is so high that even financial analysts find it difficult to comprehend. This is why upper-tier politicians and the bureaucratic machine that is the federal government can talk about it then basically ignore it.

The figure of $16 trillion is so high it does not appear real to most people, including many politicians running for office.

For the first time in history, American taxpayers have seen four consecutive years of deficits topping $1 trillion, and an increase of the national debt by $5 trillion.

Rather than changing lifestyles like most Americans have done to make ends meet, the federal government continues adding to the problem.

Like the assumed rich uncle that always seems to have cash and nice gifts for us children, our government officials are constantly making promises and offering giveaways while remaining one step ahead of financial ruin.

Today more than 23 million Americans are unemployed. Small business struggles and U.S. manufacturing was down for a third straight month in August.

So, what do our national governmental figures do every four years? They make proclamations, they introduce sparkling speakers and they show the latest state-of-the-art presentations all to tantalize viewers.

There is a reason each is called a political party. As for that $16 trillion? Just put it on the taxpayer’s bill.