Set aside pettiness, focus on progress

Each year, millions of Americans head to the polls to make decisions regarding the future of our nation.

We decide who will serve our communities, parishes and states as congressmen, senators and representatives – all of the various political offices that serve our democracy.

We elect these people with an understanding and a trust that their job is to make decisions geared toward the betterment of our nation and its future.

We are humbly asking these people to put their personal egos aside for the length of their term in the name of service.

We are asking them to be rid of party allegiances and the terms ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’ and to act responsibly for all of the people.

Right now, can any political leader honestly look themselves in the mirrors and say that they are abiding by those basic political principles?

The current fiscal cliff crisis is another example in the recent governmental trend of stubbornness and shortsightedness by our political leaders.

Instead of working for the people, our leaders seem to have an interest more in working for themselves and the interests of those who control the interests of respective political parties.

Instead of compromise in the name of America, we get bickering, bull-headedness and last-minute deals that please no one and harm everyone.

That’s not the American way and it’s not the way that will allow us to maintain our grip as the world’s leader as we move into the future.

No one is denying that a lot of hard work must be done for our nation to get on the right path moving forward.

We are not suggesting nor promoting a quick fix – that’s not the answer to anyone’s problems.

But at the same time, one could make a valid argument that we wouldn’t be in such a critical point in our future if our leaders would have just done things right the first time.

As Americans, we demand better.

As the people who determine whether you keep your job in the future, we think now is the time to put the egos aside and to find results. The future of our children and children’s children depend on it.