The wiener gets my vote

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July 31, 2013
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August 6, 2013

There are two types of people in this world … those who like hot dogs and those who just won’t admit they like hot dogs.

Since I was a little kid, I have enjoyed a good dog every once in a while, so when I heard about a new gourmet hot dog stand in Raceland, I knew I had to make the trip.

Situated across from Central Lafourche High School, Hot Dog Central is easy to find. My guest and I pulled into the backward parking lot and moseyed up to the window. A friendly woman immediately greeted us with a warm smile and happily answered all of our hot dog-related questions.

As we mulled over the wiener options my eyes drifted to the frozen custard menu. (I also enjoy a cold treat every once in a while – and by every once in a while I mean any time.)

I decided to be daring and ordered the Cajun Dog ($3.69) – a Nathan’s hot dog boiled in liquid crab boil and topped with onions and Cajun sauce. Eighty-six the onions for me. I also got a small, frozen chocolate custard with Oreo bits ($2.50).

My guest chose the monthly special, the Texas B-B-Q dog. It came with a bag of chips and can of Coke for $5.

The dogs and dessert were served quickly and we found seating behind the small building in the form of blue picnic tables. Note: If you don’t mind a few bugs, dirt and sun, you’ll do fine sitting here. Otherwise, the drive-thru may be more suitable for you.

I ignored a trail of ants as I unhinged my jaw for the first gigantic bite of my meal. My Cajun dog was plump, juicy and slathered with Cajun sauce, a ketchup/mayo concoction with other unknown elements. The crab boil flavor was a bit lost, perhaps masked by the sauce, but overall this hot dog was delicious and I would definitely order it again.

My friend’s frank was nice and sloppy. A dill pickle spear balanced the sweet coleslaw and rich barbecue sauce, which topped the hot dog. My guest really enjoyed the lunch and was left completely satisfied.

We both agreed that the extra-large, fluffy buns, which encapsulated these dogs, helped make them even more enjoyable.

Now, on to dessert … my chocolate custard was rich and delicious. The creamy sweetness and the crunchy Oreo pieces created a heavenly textural contrast and I relished every last bite. It was a brilliant way to cool down in the summer heat.

Situated along Bayou Lafourche, Hot Dog Central offers gourmet wieners at cheap rates. 


The Texas B-B-Q Dog, Cajun Dog and frozen chocolate custard are pictured.