Autumn questions, autumn answers

Plaisance hopes renewed health helps Colonels in standings
October 25, 2017
Governor’s lawyer to enter the NAACP case
October 25, 2017
Plaisance hopes renewed health helps Colonels in standings
October 25, 2017
Governor’s lawyer to enter the NAACP case
October 25, 2017

I’ve had a lot to say lately, so I haven’t taken a mailbag in several weeks.

But after battling insomnia and a busy schedule, my mind was blank, so I decided to bring it all back this week.

You guys sent in a lot of questions in the past month or so and I apologize for not getting to them all in this mailbag.

Send ‘em again. To ask a question in the future, email or shoot it to me on Twitter @Casey_Gisclair.

There is nothing I love more than mingling with you all.

Q: What is your mid-season grade for the LSU football team?

A: You know, it’s funny. We all expected LSU to struggle this year with a youthful roster, right? But to beat Auburn and Florida and have the losses come against Troy and Mississippi State sort of is a weird situation. I think LSU is getting better and if they can just survive this season, they will have much brighter days ahead. I’ll give the Tigers a C+. It’s been nothing earth shattering, but it’s been good enough to get by.

Q: Your thoughts on the Pelicans chances this year?

A: What chances? The Pelicans aren’t going anywhere in a hurry. The roster doesn’t make sense and the pieces don’t even remotely fit toward a competitive, championship roster. The NBA is a little man’s game. The teams that win don’t rely on post players for offense. Guess what? The Pelicans have two post players who get almost all of their usage. But the trick is that they realize that getting post points is overrated, so those guys go outside and shoot 3-pointers for a lot of the game. Yeah, it gets ugly sometimes. The team has two stars that have skills that don’t equate to success and a support cast of trash. They may make the playoffs, but they won’t be around long if they do.

Q: Which local teams will go the deepest in the playoffs this fall sport season?

A: Great question! In football, I think E.D. White, Terrebonne and South Lafourche have the best chances at a prolonged run, though I think everyone locally is in a tough situation because Class 5A, 4A and Division II are all loaded. In volleyball, we have a lot of locals primed to make a deep push, but I’m going to go with Vandebilt as my answer. I think the Lady Terriers got their hearts broken last season and the team is hungry and ready to win the final game of their season this time around. I know this: there will be an awful lot of local playoff teams in both sports and that should make fans awfully excited for the next few weeks ahead.

Q: Who would you name the local prep football coach of the year?

A: I saw this question in the bag and waited to see the results from this past Friday night’s games before making my answer. That’s how close this is. I will go with E.D. White coach Chris Bergeron – slightly over Terrebonne coach Gary Hill and South Lafourche coach Blake Forsythe. The Cardinals were just 3-7 last year and they had some ugly games along the way. But this year, E.D. White may be the area’s best team and Coach Bergeron deserves an awful lot of credit for that resurgence. The runner-up right now for me is Coach Hill at Terrebonne. To be 6-2 in that district against those opponents is a job well done.

Q: You were sure wrong about the Saints, weren’t you?

A: Was I? There’s a lot of football left to be played. The Saints do look good and it is surely looking like my 7-9 prediction is going to be a little bit too weak. But let’s let this thing finish playing out. How often have we put faith in this team only to get let down? Far too many times.

Q: Who will be the Super Bowl teams?

A: Right now, I honestly have no idea. I don’t think there’s a great NFL team – not a single one. I put a lot of faith in Atlanta earlier in the season, but they’re a mess when they have a lead. New England’s defense is soft and their weapons aren’t exactly elite outside of Gronk. Seattle is Seattle, but their offensive line is whack, which will make it awfully hard to win games when the weather gets colder. Honestly? The best “A-Game” that I’ve seen all season has been from the Los Angeles Rams. No, I don’t think they will win the Super Bowl. But their “good” is as good as it gets in the league this year. But you asked me for a pick, so I’ll deliver. I’ll pick the Falcons and the Chiefs. I believe in Alex Smith and I just think Atlanta can get rolling and make something happen.

Q: Can anyone beat the Ellender girls this season?

A: I don’t think so. I just don’t see it. The thing about the Ellender girls is their depth, man. Most teams have four, five or even six reliable players. But the Lady Patriots have them in waves. When someone fouls out or gets hurt, there’s another player on the bench just as talented ready to come into the game. Their depth is absolutely unbelievable. I’ve never seen a high school football team that can attack in waves like the Lady Patriots can.

Q: I read your column on Corbin Allen. Great read. Where will he end up?

A: I don’t know. I know that it’s embarrassing that he doesn’t have more attention than he has right now. I give Nicholls a pass because they don’t have very many full scholarships to give. But between McNeese State, Southeastern, Northwestern State, UL-Monroe, UL-Lafayette and whoever else, someone should be on this kid. He does literally everything well.

Q: You had any good beer lately?

A: I’ve been stuck on Abita Lite. To me, that’s the best beer on the market right now.


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