EDW Cancels Workouts Amid COVID-19 Concerns

E.D. White Catholic High School has canceled workouts on Thursday due to a student athlete testing positive and other athletes answering “yes” to the question of if they had close contact with someone who tested positive.


The following letter was sent out on Wednesday from school principal Michelle Chiasson:


Dear Parents,


Since the start of summer conditioning on June 8, we have been very pleased with the protocols in place and the cooperation of the athletes. It is very obvious that they believe in the benefits of the summer conditioning program, and they are working very hard.


As we continue to partner with Thibodaux Regional Sports Medicine Center, we will continue to adjust guidelines and protocols as needed. As communicated to you, the current screening process involves a temperature check and a series of questions for the athlete to answer. A very important question is whether or not the athlete has had close contact with someone testing positive for COVID-19 as defined by the CDC.


This morning several male athletes answered “yes” to the question of close contact with someone who tested positive.


However, the contact was at a social event outside of workouts and not at a school function. We are aware of one athlete testing positive for COVID-19 at this time. The decision was made to cancel workouts for Thursday, July 3. This will give parents time to question their child regarding close contact with anyone who has tested positive and speak with a medical professional to see if he/she should be tested.


As a growing number of young people are testing positive, we anticipate that we will have athletes exposed to others and testing positive. Many young people are not running fever and showing little to no symptoms. The importance of following the safety protocols at workouts cannot be emphasized enough. We do not plan to cancel workouts in the future. Rather, we ask that any athlete who would answer “yes” to the question of close contact not attend workouts until cleared by a medical professional. We also ask that a parent notify his child’s head coach in the event the child tests positive.


With the July 4th weekend approaching, it is important to continue practicing social distancing and safety protocols. It has been a long four months for all as we have had to adjust to a new way of living. Teenagers are getting restless and wanting to socialize, and parents are getting weary trying to keep them at home. Let us continue to ask the Lord for his help in every decision we make for our children.


Have a great week,
Michelle R. Chiasson



Editor’s Note: the image used in this story is a file photo from a previous season and should in no way serve to identify any student athlete, past or present, as the subject of this story.