Keeping up with the local pro: Sumar diaries from Puerto Rico

Week 6: Prep Roundup of local football action
October 9, 2012
TEDA plans spontaneous retail cash mob
October 9, 2012
Week 6: Prep Roundup of local football action
October 9, 2012
TEDA plans spontaneous retail cash mob
October 9, 2012

My dear friends,

When I was in college, my life was a whirlwind of busy.

I played basketball, went to school, did homework and spent time with my friends and family all within a 24-hour day.

It was bananas, but I didn’t think anything of it – it was normal.

It was my routine.

My new life in Puerto Rico is completely different – things move so much slower when one isn’t balancing two full-time jobs at once.

Quite frankly, if I’m not playing basketball, I just don’t have very much to do.

We don’t have very much English TV here. That’s OK. I’m not a big TV watcher anyway.

But we don’t have a reliable form of Internet, either – a real bummer to me because I surely do enjoy obtaining information via my iPad.

Sure, I’ve been using my iPhone’s 3G to keep up with everything going on in the world, but it’s just not the same!

To occupy all of the free time I have been spending a lot of time with my Bible.

I grew up in a very God-oriented household. I’ve always tried to put God first in everything that I’ve ever done.

I believe that things happen for a reason and it’s very possible that the reason I’m being given so much downtime in my life is because I needed to get closer to God.

Aside from spirituality, I’ve also been working on different projects that I plan to bring to Houma upon my return – more on those in a later diary entry. I’m excited and can’t wait to share what I plan on doing to our area’s basketball community!

On the floor, this has been a bit of a rough week for our team – we just can’t shake the funk that we’re in.

We have had to play several games in a short span of time and we just have had problems meshing.

The other teams in this league have been together all season – they have the chemistry necessary to win championships and make deep playoff pushes.

For our team, we have problems matching that level of competitiveness because most of our players have joined the team in the middle of the season. The chemistry and camaraderie just isn’t there and it shows. We struggle to put together a full four quarters of action.

But time is on our side and we have a few weeks to get it together.

That’s the plan, at least!

I’ve always been taught to never go into any challenge with a goal other than to succeed.

I firmly believe I will have better news to report in my next update!

Until next time,

Stay Blessed!


Houma native and former Nicholls State standout Sumar Leslie makes a move for her professional team, the San German Atleticas. In her second diary entry, Sumar keeps friends and family updated on her Puerto Rican stay, saying she’s enjoying free tim