Sportsman writer inks Cajun-based book geared for children

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June 14, 2016
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June 14, 2016

Cajun Sportsman writer Capt. Wendy Wilson Billiot has a new project.

It’s one that will please children and Louisiana lovers all around the Houma-Thibodaux area alike.

Billiot announced this week that her second children’s book had been published, titled Regret the Egret, a children’s book that tells the tale of an egret family that lives “high in a willow tree along the bayou banks in south Louisiana.’

Illustrated by Kayla Harris Johnson, the book comes on the heels of Capt. Wendy’s first title, Before the Saltwater Came, which was published in Feb. 2005.

Billion said the book is made for kids, but is one that anyone who loves Cajun culture can enjoy.

In it, readers will be able to meet Regret the Egret and all of his friends – all of whom live in the bayous of South Louisiana – the place Capt. Wendy has called home for a lot of her adult life.

In the book, readers are able to follow Regret throughout his many bayou adventures.

The moral of the story is to teach children the importance of being true to themselves. Visit to buy. •

Regret the Egret

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