Springtime questions

The school year is almost over!

Spring sports are winding down toward the playoffs, then it’ll all be over. We’re about a month away from the LHSAA season being complete.

This week, I opened up my mailbag and you guys shot me your questions about it all.

So let’s dive right in. This week, we talk high school baseball, LSU football and a couple of other fun topics.

Q: Is E.D. White going to win the title in baseball? (Asked by Tom, Houma)

A: If I knew for certain, I’d probably go to the nearest convenience store and place a wager on the lottery this week, as well. Wise cracks aside, it’s sure hard to bet against E.D. White. Their pitching staff is unbelievable and some of the stats they’ve registered this season are just unbelievable. In their first 22 games (all wins), they’d outscored opponents 213-29. That’s an average victory margin of 10-1 for those keeping track at home. I think they have to be considered the favorites, but honestly, my biggest concern with these guys will be if they can win a close, hard-fought game in the postseason. It’s almost like the Mike Tyson syndrome right now. When you’ve blown out so many teams, it’s hard to predict how someone will respond when their backs are against the wall and the chips are on the table.

Q: Why aren’t teams chasing the Thibodaux basketball seniors? (Asked by Ross, Houma)

A: I have no idea. It’s baffling. Kobi Johnson is a basketball player. I don’t care his size. I don’t care his measurements. He’s a floor general, a consummate competitor and a basketball player. Marvin Robertson is the same. Both of those guys can help teams at the lower Division I level. Both of those guys should be heavily recruited by Nicholls, Southeastern, UNO, McNeese and the full gauntlet of schools around that size. I don’t understand what more coaches need to see, sometimes. These guys thrived against every challenge in Class 5A basketball in Louisiana. They ended the season going undefeated for more than 2 months. They have to be doing something right.

Q: Your thoughts on LSU and Nicholls this spring? (Asked by TigerCat, Houma)

A: Your submission name is TigerCat, so I will start with LSU first. The Tigers are loaded. They have experience back at literally every position and they have momentum heading into the offseason after kicking UCF’s tail to end the season. With Joe Brady helping modernize the LSU offense and Dave Aranda calling the defense, I think 10 wins for the Tigers are a starting point and anything less than that would be a hugely disappointing season. That football team is loaded. They’re too good to not contend for the College Football Playoff. As for Nicholls, I, honestly, don’t know what to expect. They have a lot of sizzle back. Chase Fourcade is back and a slew of his playmakers are back, as well. But I worry about the steak with Nicholls. They lost a lot of players along the offensive and defensive lines. I think they may struggle at the point of attack, which is tough for any football team to overcome. I know this: I trust Coach Tim Rebowe. They’ll find ways to be highly competitive.

Q: Who is the best local baseball player? (Asked by Steve, Larose)

A: Well, E.D. White senior Wes Toups is an LSU signee, so I guess we have to start there when coming up with a list of talented players in our area. But there will be tons of other signees, including Nicholas Brunet (who you can read about in this issue). The area is loaded. It always is. But I can’t bet against Toups. He’s just an unbelievable player.

Q: What do you make of the LSU basketball situation? (Asked by Matt, Thibodaux)

A: I think it’s being handled poorly by Athletic Director Joe Alleva, but it’s not a huge surprise to me because Alleva has proven time and time again that he is ill-equipped to hold that position. If LSU wants to fire Will Wade, that’s fine. But they have to have some stones and pull the trigger and actually do it. Letting this drag out is putting the program in an awful position going forward. Soon, all the quality coaching candidates will be hired and recruiting will be over.

Q: NBA Playoffs this weekend. Who takes it all? (Asked by Timmy, Raceland)

A: I have the Rockets in the West. Full disclosure — I’m a huge Houston fan and am probably slanted in my writing this. I just think they have a roster that’s quick enough to score on the Warriors’ defense, but long enough to chase them off the 3-point line. In the East, I have the Milwaukee Bucks. This NBA season has been eye-opening. It’s been quite amusing watching Anthony Davis and his people whine and bicker about New Orleans and its market size while Giannis Antetokounmpo takes over the league while playing in Milwaukee freaking Wisconsin. But that can be its own column on its own day.

Q: When is turf expected to be done locally? (Asked by Mary, Houma)

A: It’s my understanding that the plans call for a mid-July completion. From what I know about this process from covering it in Lafourche Parish, that sounds about right. And even if it goes later — into early-August, that’s still plenty of time. The season doesn’t start until late-August.

Q: I’m a journalism student. Explain being a sportswriter in one word: (Asked by Barry, Thibodaux)

A: Wow. Just one word? OK. Here goes: Fulfilling.


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