In the Midst of a Crisis, There are Signs of Encouragement

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March 20, 2020
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March 20, 2020

In the midst of the panic and heartbreak that make up the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, one local business has been erecting signs of encouragement to be seen by those on the front lines of the pandemic and those kept in isolation for their own safety. 


Sign Gypsies of Houma has been setting up signs in front of various organizations greatly affected by the outbreak. 


“Heroes Work Here” reads signs in front of Terrebonne General Medical Center, Thibodaux Regional Health System and Chabert Medical Center. 


“We hope this brings smiles to the faces of the Terrebonne General Medical Center staff who are working so hard to keep our community healthy and safe,” reads a Facebook post by Sign Gypsies. 


“Our community is so grateful for our health care providers and hospital support staff, who work tirelessly to bring healing to the sick. We hope this helps to lift spirits at Chabert this week,” reads another. 

The company made sure to know that folks staying in nursing homes knew they were appreciated as well.


“You Are Loved,” is brightly displayed at four local nursing homes — which are currently not allowing visitors across the state. 


“Directors from the homes said it put smiles on their faces; they were happy” said Natalie Falgout, President of the Junior Auxiliary (JA) of Houma, who partnered with Sign Gypsies owner Kelly Phillips to make the surprise possible. 


JA also provided sanitized and 36-hour quarantined sudoku books and crossword puzzles for the nursing home residents as well. 


“Those were just the small things we were able to do and to try to help cheer them up during this crazy time,” Falgout said. “It was great to let them know a lot of people are thinking of and praying for them.”