It’s All About People

On those occasions when I am asked to speak on the topic of leadership, I generally begin my remarks with a quote I found many years ago on the back cover of a Price Pritchett paperback. It goes:

“The organization can never be something the people are not.” I keep that back cover in my office as a constant reminder of what successful organizations know and understand. It is all about people.

At the beginning of my first leadership class each semester, I tell my students, if you look behind you and no one is following, you are not leading.

In his book 360-degree Leadership, John Maxwell, suggests that leadership is defined simply as making and sustaining relationships and then influencing through those relationships. It sounds simple, but if you cannot effectively connect with the people you are tasked to lead, you may only achieve marginal success with your assigned responsibilities.

As a leadership instructor for the Nicholls State University MBA program, I attempt to make real the challenges associated with leading people and organizations. I share with them my 40-plus years of experience, which I affectionally refer to as “scar tissue.” I have had the privilege to work with and lead people in both private and multi-national organizations, including living and working abroad.

Lastly, allow me to mention the College of Business Administration at Nicholls State University has announced the formation of its 11th Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) cohort, with classes scheduled to start in early 2020.

In today’s competitive business environment, organizational leaders need the knowledge, skills, and abilities to make complex business decisions. For that reason, the primary focus of the Nicholls EMBA program is business analysis and decision making.

Each EMBA cohort is limited to 15 individuals. Admission is competitive, and candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible. For more information about the Nicholls State University EMBA program, candidates can call 985-448-4241 or email For complete program details, visit •