Cap-and-trade deal scheme a concern for energy

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December 8, 2009
Galeand Raymond Theriot
December 10, 2009

Dear Editor:

It is my concern that if the Senate does not stop the Kerry-Boxer energy bill, individuals of Louisiana, such as my father, who work offshore will be in grave danger of losing their jobs.

This legislation would impose a cap-and-trade scheme to regulate energy emissions. It might be a reasonable tradeoff if it were to have a significant impact on carbon emissions, but as European countries have learned, cap and trade does not even meet 25 percent of the targeted environmental improvements.

Cap and trade would establish an artificial market that would be subject to manipulation, much as we suffered in the fall of the sub-prime mortgage industry. It would require significant red tape and would disadvantage U.S. energy producers in the global market.

My father has worked offshore for over 25 years, and this legislation could possibly jeopardize not only his job, but also the jobs of thousands of others working on offshore rigs along the Gulf Coast.

We are depending on the Senate and our senators in Louisiana – such as Sen. Mary Landrieu – to stop this legislation and save these American jobs.

Summer Davis,

Lafayette, La.