Open 3D Barrel Race Being Held in Houma

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February 21, 2020
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February 21, 2020

An open 3D Barrel Race will be held in Houma March 1st, admission is free to view the event.

The Terrebonne Livestock Agricultural Fair Association is hosting a horse show and its first open 3D barrel race, at 220 Moffet Rd. Lead Lines will begin at 10 a.m. which will start with three to four year olds, and the speed events will begin no earlier than 11a.m..

The goal is to give local riders something to participate in at home.

“It’s become a mass production when you go doing ‘em big, you know, we’re just gonna bring it back to hometown a little bit,” said Taylor Guidry, a Horse Shoer by trade, and new board member of TLAFA. “Hopefully we’re gonna get about 20 or 30 girls to show up.”

Some host these events for a living, said Guidry. TLAFA is a nonprofit organization.

It will be a $25 entry fee to compete in the event, and stable fees are $5. A portion of the entry fees go back into the club: 25% of the pot goes back into the organization, and 75% of the pot is paid out to the winners. The more contestants, the bigger the prize.

The 3D Barrel event will take place after the horse show. Three barrels will be placed in a clover leaf pattern. The rider, and horse, sprint from the gate and around each barrel until rushing back through the gate. The fastest rider wins first place – marking division one (1D). A time “jump” of about a minute is marked and the rider at that time wins division two (2D). Another gap in time is marked and that rider wins division three (3D).

“It just kind of gives a chance to people,” said Guidry. “You’re not just paying the three or four fastest riders – it splits it up so that you have some younger kids or older people that are still trying to ride, you know.”

The Horse Show portion is 5 different events, different patterns of barrel and pole events which the rider guides their horse through. The fastest completion wins.These include Texas Barrels and normal barrel. The event is not a rodeo, so bull riding will not be involved.

Horse riding events used to draw larger crowds, but the number of contestants have diminished in the past years.

“It used to be a lot bigger; in fact I’m 33 now, back when I was a kid you’d have 50 or 60 riders,” said Guidry. “Here in the last few years, you get about 15 or 20.”

A number of factors are at play, said Guidry, but one of the main problems is a lack of local facilities to host horse riding and rodeo events. The lack of covering at this location means that organizers are at the whim of mother nature, “If it rains [he made a noise like water sucked down a hole], it all goes down the drain,” said Guidry.